Workingmaking Out

Jochen Stechmann in collaboration with Matias Daporta
Workingmaking Out
Sexuality and Truth - The next Challenge
Age: 16+
To be naked beyond taking off our clothes. To work-out our pleasures. To look for the essence of desire. To fail. 
Two male performers depart from Michel Foucault’s concept of self-technologies and Jane Fonda’s workout system Aerobics and give an account of their sexual histories. In a playful confrontation, saturated with intimacy and deceit, they mirror and deconstruct pleasure and its practice.
Workingmaking Out consists of a set of experiments and truth procedures, focusing on desire and incorporating the spectator’s gaze.
The whole philosophy behind this is a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. You can achieve a well-proportioned healthy body, not to mention the outward glow that comes from feeling good inside. And remember: Discipline is liberation!
Jane Fonda
Created & performed by Jochen Stechmann, Matias Daporta
Technique Raoul Baeten
Artistic Advice Suzy Blok, Nadia Tsulukidze
Video Beldan Sezen



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