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Dansmakers Amsterdam initiates a new Open Practice. The weekly sessions are led by contemporary choreographers, performers and other professionals. Join the sessions and get to know new thinking and movement idioms of Amsterdam based dance professionals. Open to both practitioners and those who would like to lead the sessions.

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More info:

Sharing Practice is a new open practice at Dansmakers Amsterdam where the dance maker, performer and professional opens up his studio at crucial moments in his creative process. Key in these sessions are exchange and exploration.

The professional shares his vision, tries out an idea and different movement idioms are tested in group. During the sessions you will be addressed physically and substantially. With your own thoughts, with your unique physical language, you will be a sparring partner for the maker and for each participant individually. This open sessions works as an exchange in which the dance professional set its ideas and movement idiom to the test and in which he receives physical feedback from the participant. On the other side, the participant challenged his physical boundaries and connect to a substantive story. The main purpose of the Sharing Practice is about making all kinds of interaction between dance makers, dance professionals, artists and interested parties possible. 




Location: Studio Cube (Dansmakers Amsterdam), Gedempt hamerkanaal 203, Amsterdam Noord
Time: every Monday from 10h – 12h AM
Participation fee: 3,-
Applying: ruth@dansmakers.nl (just once)
Initiators: Fernando Belfiore, Giuseppe Vincent Giampino, Alexandra Lemm, Moreno Perna, Carolien Dokter, Jija Sohn, Junadry Leocaria en Riccardo Guratti, Zahira Mous & Magda Ptasznik, 



For whom is the Sharing Practice?

The Sharing Practice is open to everyone. Other than in a class, it is all about Exchanging, and there is no role of a teacher. Participants with a background in dance or an interest in the makers practice are encouraged to join. Participants with a professional practice, can apply as a Master.



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