Visit our Lil'Dansmakers Amsterdam pop-up dance studio at Central station! Part of Moving Futures Amsterdam

In the run-up to and during Moving Futures, Lil'Dansmakers Amsterdam will show us the diversity and sense for experiment with emerging talents from the dance field of Amsterdam. Lil ' Dansmakers Amsterdam is part of the creative hub in Amsterdam Central Station, Eastern Amstelpassage. From 12 February to 31 March dancers, artists and collectives are given a space where they can practice, experiment or present work. It is open daily from 11:00-20:00. With oa. MAN//CO, Chronos collective and students of the modern theatre dance.


Bella Bouman at work



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Periode 13.02 - 25.03, dagelijks van 11:00 - 20:00

Location: Amsterdam Centraal Station, Oostelijke Amstel-Passage




15.03 & 17.03, 13:00 MAN || CO, The winner takes it all


30.03, 14:00 Moderne Theaterdans 3th year

Hannah Kriesmair - Fühlst du nicht an meinen Liedern, dass ich Eins und doppelt bin?

We all have the desire to live harmoniously in the community surrounding us. We are shaped by our own roots, families, countries, experiences. Our history makes us who we are and builds our strength. Nevertheless we are constantly formed and influenced by our environment.

In between, we find the balance between sacrificing and defending ourselves.

I am myself. He is himself. She is herself.

We are together. We are strong. Yet never the same.

A study on integration in dance and a celebration of the colorful internationality of MTD.

Choreography  Hannah Kriesmair, Performers Pilvi Kuronen, Marc Oliveras Casas, Evgenia Rubanova, Christian Nujster



Aya Degani - Forward X Me

3 living bodies, thinking feeling, moving around like we human beings always do. We invite people to watch the relationships that happen inside the piece and the ones that are missed. All the possibilities around and the path we are making inside it.

Watch inside. This is a small kaleidoscope. Inside you can find you.

Choreography  Aya Degani, Performers Maxine van Lishout, Marc Oliveras Casas, Aya Degani



Ana van Tendeloo - Below the Blue

Alienation and solitude led me to an imaginary, mysterious and unknown place as a child. I want to revisit this place to explore what I left there.

A place where the mind needs to think differently.

Like the ocean, where concepts of time space and distance are different.

A place where everything is real.

A place full of stories and commitment, where I can take care and can be taken care of.

A place where I take control.

Where I am allowed to feel.

Where I can be hard and soft.

It’s mine.

It’s delicate and special.

It’s beautiful.

It’s to big to grasp.

All overshadowing


Choreography & Performance  Ana van Tendeloo


30.03, 18:00 & 31.03, 11:30 CHRONOS - The Three Graces

In The Three Graces three dancers will take you back in time, seductive like nymphs from a painting inspired by Baroque and Renaissance era. The themes beauty, femininity and absurdity are merging together to give new perspectives to the audience.




Participating dancers en collectives


15.02 - 18.02

Aissa Kraaijenbrink

Student Urban Contemporary Dance/AHK

19.02 - 23.02

Inês Cartaxo and Luis Odriozola


24.02 - 04.03

Bella Bouman

Student Codarts, the University of Arts in Rotterdam

05.03 - 11.03

Patrick Schmatzer



Fernanda Silva 10.15 - 18.00 uur.



Fernanda Silva 10.15 - 18.00 uur


12.03 - 18.03


Repetities & open les ochtend

15.03, 17:00 – 18:30


OpenKunstenhuis: The Winner takes it all

19.03 – 31.03


19.03, 26.03 Open classes

30.03, 14:00 – 15:15

Moderne Theaterdans 3th year presentations

With ao. Ana van Tendeloo, Hannah Kriesmair, Aya Degani

30.03, 18:00


voorstelling (The Three Graces, try-out) met koffie en feedback talk

31.03, 11:30


voorstelling (The Three Graces, try-out) met koffie en feedback talk


Afbeelding: Chronos, credits: Ton de Zwart





Dutch travelling dance festival Moving Futures is outlining the thinking world of a new generation of dance makers and performance artists who have the audacity to bring urgent themes and experiment on stage. Take a look behind the scenes, follow the makers in a (technological) identity, crisis or explore ancient themes in a contemporary coat: in this fourth edition, the  festival introduces the emerging faces of Dansmakers Amsterdam, DansBrabant, Dansateliers, Generale Oost and Random Collision.


From 28th to 31st of  March the festival travels to Amsterdam where the fourth edition of Moving Futures dance festival will be festively closed. During this four days program at Theater Bellevue  and Dansmakers Amsterdam you experience multiple dance performances, film, masterclasses and context programs in one day. Exclusively on Thursday at Theater Bellevue we will present a double premiere with an international performance from the European top 20 and the premiere of Kyabajo by Jija Sohn.


There are plenty of opportunities to go into conversation with  the makers or  to participate during the interactive online after-interview. As every year, the festival in Amsterdam will be  closed with an after party in the foyer of Dansmakers Podium.


Also witness  the pop-up acts at the Leidseplein, Amsterdam's Central Station, pont or while dining at the Supperclub. Or be part of the social installation of Alice Pons & Olivia Reschofsky in North.



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