In this research project Ola Maciejewska looks closer at the evolution of the magician's craft - from the street performers of the Middle Ages and the daredevils of the 19th century Golden Age of Magic, till early 20th century vaudeville stage magicians. The focus will be on how things and people disappear and re-appear again.
While they conceal themselves in a mist of darkness and wander around…
O: “Maybe it is worth trying to disappear against this disappearing, instead of disappearing together with it?” 
A: “In principle, I think, I can make you disappear if I project on you the inverse of your color.”
Project by Ola Maciejewska (PL) together with and Alberto Novello (IT) and Bogomir Doringer (SRB)
Artistic coach: Suzy Blok
External advice: Judith Schoneveld
Thanks to: Giacomo Della Marina and Robert Dupic



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