Music is the incentive in the work of Anne Suurendonk. The unprecedented power of music to express emotion is what Anne tries to assimilate in her dance. She searches for ways to integrate dance and music optimally, but also to allowing it to stand alone as the narrator of a story.
To further develop the musical element in her choreographies, she searches for ways to realize her own musical ideas without having to executing this herself. By combining music and dance in this way, Anne wants the audience to experience the feeling music can cause.

Untitled is a dialogue between a dance duet, cellist Gábor Hartyáni (Hungary) and a loop station.
Anne: ‘When I heard Gábor playing the cello for the first time, I immediately was impressed and moved. The melancholic melodies combined with the use of a loop station and electronic and rhythmic aspect created by this station, made me recognize myself very much in his music.’
Gábor: ‘For me music is about freedom and sharing: freedom to improvise and play what's on my mind and my heart and to be able to share it with others. My journey in art, music and improvisation is a never ending adventure of exploration and discovery of the world around and inside me. As one of my favorite Hungarian poets said: "travelling in yourself, is travelling the whole universe" (Sándor Weöres)’.

'Untitled' performs on June 21st in a double bill wirth '25 Feet' van The100Hands and 'One Million Steps' by Marije Nie.
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Choreography Anne Suurendonk
Musician Gábor Hartyáni (cello)
Dancers Toon Lobach, Liza Panjoel
Coaching Suzy Blok, Wies Bloemen, Alida Dors
Production Dansmakers Amsterdam
Supported by Young Artfund Amsterdam & Fonds Podiumkunsten



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