Two-day workshop Michael O'Connor

Bodies not against each other


In this two-day workshop Michael O'Connor brings dancers and performers together for a committed research into the dynamics of power. Starting point is the limitation: social constraints as well as movement constraints. The workshop plays, just like the title, with the double meaning of the word against: in disagreement with and in physical contact with.



Historically people of color, woman, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities and immigrants have had their bodies de-valued. We will look at how undervalued bodies explore dynamics of power and agency when working against but with each other. Between a center-periphery schematic, of those in power against those marginalized to the edges, exists the in-between space where our identities and abilities intra-act and define each other in physical terms. This work aims to create a physical discursive practice that produces new possibilities and challenges social constraints by looking at movement constraints. We will challenge traditional aesthetics like symmetry, flow and ease. Our bodies will become entangled, weight sharing is sporadic and we break momentum to stop trajectories. By reconfiguring how our bodies are connected to one another we constantly challenge our senses and ways to be moved or move others. We must see ourselves as one that does the sensing, and another that is sensed.



This workshop is designed for student and professional dancers, mime, circus and other movement artists,  who are interested in exploring how they, on a daily basis, deal with positioning themselves on the edge or the center. 




Za 27 May 11:00 – 17:00

Su 28 May 11:00 - 17:00

Wher: Studio Cube / outside, Dansmakers Amsterdam

Apply: Ruth@dansmakers.nl

40,- (two days)



About Michael O'Connor

Michael O’Connor is choreographer, performer and teacher, who lives and works in Vienna. He has a background in Modern Dance (Utah, 2005), experimental choreography and is a graduate of DAS choreography Amsterdam (formerly AMCh) in 2015. His current interest is the study of neuroscience and how through empathy and love, we can literally be moved.


His company A Waiting Dog, makes work that focuses on the body in consequence as the main source of expression. His interests pull from philosophy, neuroscience, psychology and phenomenology.  A major component in all of his work are mutable qualities that are contingent to the environment. Words that are important for him in his choreography are: Attunement, Resonance, Modulation, Awareness, Exchange, Negotiation and Synchronicity.



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