Live concert on constellations
Matteo Graziano
 in collaboration with  Ilaria Tanini

The time is ripe for the shift of the zodiacal clock. A  prioress gathers her three planetary sons and initiates a vocal rite in the quest for a new commencement. Surrounded by the complicity of her music  players, the galactic  family engages bodies and voices to open the Circle of Change. The audience witnesses the indomitable re-direction of the ancestral astrological machine.

The research project revolves around the exploration of 12 enigmatic melodies of the composition TIERKREIS by Karlheinz Stockhausen. As the title of the composition suggests (German for Zodiac), Western astrology and the twelve archetypical signs are the inspirational key for both music and dance. Originally written for small music boxes, Stockhausen leaves this mystical testament very open for what concerns improvisation around the melodies, and choice of instruments. The first presentation of this cross-discipline live performance consists of a new version of the music  - voice, violin, harp and percussion - that plays in full interaction with the dance.

Choreography and Direction: Matteo Graziano & Ilaria Tanini
Dance: David Essing, Pamela Ferraroni, Samuel Garcia Minguillon
Voice: Sandra Pujols
Music: James Hewitt (violin, rebab), Sarah Nichols (harps), Michiel Buijsse (percussion)
Artistic advice: Barbara Duijfjes

The project is supported by the Stockhausen Foundation for Music.



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