The Work

In this research program Clara Amaral was invited to work throughout one month. At the end of this one-month this is the work that she developed in the studio. Being the studio the workplace, the atelier, the workshop and finally the theatre.

The Work
The work of creating The Work,
The work of creating territories in The Work,
The work of keeping The Work alive,
The work of keeping The Work working,
Working The Work.

The work of practicing The Work,
The work of practicing the Tempo of The Work,
The work of holding on to certain work and let other mud down,
The bodywork through The Work.
The work of offering,
The desire at work,

    O, Work
        O, Work
            O, Work

Choreography and performance: Clara Amaral
Advice: Bruno Listopad, Suzy Blok, Esther Arribas, Daniel AlmgrenRecén.
Sound: Bowrain



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