Imagining USPUD/ Niels Weijer & Samuel Feldhandler

Niels and Samuel: Taking imagination as a base, what we want to achieve is the creation of a playground, in which we can take the audience on an imaginative journey. Imagination has the ability to change a whole scene or situation in a matter of seconds. It can change a stone into water and a bird into a fish. We see this as a powerful tool for choreography and we want to research it in order to create a virtuoso imaginative dance performance. 


In order to understand imagination as we see it, we first need to talk about conceptualisation. Conceptualisation — in other words, the creation of a concept — is something we have been researching extensively in the process of our previous piece A Way of Keeping Everything from Happening at Once. 


The creation of a concept is in fact the creation of a link between two elements, one being ‘real’, from the outside world which we take in using our perceptive senses, and the other being ‘imagined’, which can be compared to a print of the ‘real’ element. Once this link has been created, we no longer need the ‘real’ element to recall the sensation (with sensation, we mean every information sent to our brain through our sensory system, thus including sight, hearing, smell, etc…). This ability of recalling past sensations thanks to symbols or sounds is the origin of language. 


Imagination, which we see as the next step in the mental chain of thought, is the interplay between concepts, in other words the creation of links between concepts, thus different ‘imagined’ elements. Imagination does not create rigid links, but has the ability to play to an almost unlimited extent with those links, abstracting it completely from the original sensation. 


These flexible links between movements and another medium, between object and subject, are our point of interested for this research. How can another medium determine the kinetic perception of the audience? And how ready is an audience to fill in the gap we leave in space for their imagination? 



Direction, choreography and performance: Samuel Feldhandler & Niels Weijer


Presentation 25 - 26 November 2016 >>>



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