Anne Suurendonk her work is characterized by her musical, dynamic movement language, which she uses to communicate a deeper emotional layer. Over the years she started the development of her own contemporary dance language. By doing a style research she takes a next step in her development. During her residency project she focuses on creating more awareness of what used to be created intuitionally, and researching the physical characteristics.

To embody and shape music, is something that really intrigues her. No matter how simple or complex, she tries to meet the music. Anne challenged herself musically during her research, to find new inputs in dance.
‘Paradiddles’ is the result of an intensive search. A search for intensification of physical expressiveness.
Choreography Anne Suurendonk
Dance Feadan McCall, Quincy Ignacia, Danilo Tesi, Anne Suurendonk
Music Jimmy Guacamole
Costumes Lisette Oord
Coaching Suzy Blok, Krisztina de Chatel, Cecilia Moisio
Production Dansmakers Amsterdam
Supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten



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