New Adventures: Elisa Zuppini, Sherise Strang & Julia Monschau

What do we move when we move, and by what are we moved? What takes place in the mind of a serial killer? New Adventures 19/20 with Elisa Zuppini, Sherise Strang & Julia Monschau. Part of New Adventures and in collaboration with ICK Dans Amsterdam. On Friday 28 August the makers close their residency period with a presentation of their research.

WHEN: 28 AUG 2020, 17:00* & 20:30

WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam


*part of We Are Public. Members can reserve via ruth@dansmakers.nl. Max 15. 


What goes on in the mind of a serial killer? Inspired by the seven mental phases that precede a murder, Sherise and Julia investigate how they move us. When does a small innocent act become a dark emotion and ultimately a tragic ritual? #29828993 is a physical dance performance that breaks the taboo. In this first collaboration Sherise Strang and Julia Monschau explore this exciting vibration, which is not accepted, but lives in all of us.

Sherise Strang (NL) is a dancer (5 O'clock & Contemporary Dance, AHK) and has been developing as a maker for two years. She danced with DOX and The 100 Hands, among others. With her solo I'd had enough so I killed him she performed at the Fringe Festival in Amsterdam and Brighton. Other collaborations are the duets There is nothing but there is something (with her sister), and SSESSOP with Mayke van Veldhuizen.

Julia Monschau (DE, 1989) is a trained dancer/performer. She worked with Guido Markowitz, Damian Gmuer and danced with the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and Tonhalle in Düsseldorf (DE). She studied hip-hop, mixed martial arts and muay thai boxing autonomously. Her own choreographies were part of several festivals at Dansmakers Amsterdam, in Berlin, and as a season opening for Theater TanzSpeicher.

synthetic disjunctions

What do we move when we move, and by what are we moved? Elisa Zuppini developed the movement system De.sy.re which in its name refers to the word 'desire'. In her approach the body operates as a decentralized intelligence; the dancer is driven by the bodies's ability to feel, and by the endless and complex experience of space. During this residency Elisa explores the intersection of choreography and DJ'ing, translating the practice of DJ'ing into new choreographic strategies.


Performer and choreographer Elisa Zuppini (IT/NL) recently graduated from the School for New Dance Development in 2018. Through her research practice De.sy.re. she creates both site-specific work and pieces for a theatrical setting. In 2016 she was awarded as a young talent by Open FLR (Florence) and in 2018 she participated in DanceWeb Life Long Burning (2018, Vienna).  Elisa is supported by ICK Amsterdam.






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