New Adventures: Charlie Trier met Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Thais di Marco & Paula Chaves

Thais di Marco & Paula Chaves perform in the research project How to Clash Harder, a meticulously choreographed improvisation play inspired by Lucha Libre. Charlie Laban Trier is in video connection with Cristina Kristal Rizzo in Hypernating: "Sound could be the subtlest element of the perceptible material. Perhaps it’s a love-song." Part of New Adventures. 

WHEN: 29 AUG 2020, 17:00* & 20:30

WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam


*part of We Are Public. Members can reserve via ruth@dansmakers.nl. Max 15. 

How to clash harder

In a meticulously choreographed improvisation play, the avatars Yellow Fever and Purple Dinamite battle against each other and against some parts of the world, inspired by Lucha Libre. The violence is explored on political, moral, aesthetic grounds, and borders with eroticism. While this violent duet deforms the dreamscape into a dystopia, the movement research seeks to regain aesthetics as a powerful instrument to open up space for imagination and realization.


By Paula, Thais, Jane and Felizcitas in honor of the dancer Magó and all artists killed by feminicide.


Thais Di Marco (BR, 1987) is a choreographer, theatre director, teacher and project coordinator. Her productions deal with post-colonial, trans-feminist, anti-capitalist aesthetics. She obtained her master degree at Das Choreography in 2018. She recently joined an artistic residency at Les Echos de Lobozunkpá in Benin - west Africa, and at Ocupa Ouvidor 63 Cultural Center in Brazil - the largest urban artistic occupation of Latin America on the issue of Femicides.


Paula Chaves (CO, 1988) is a choreographer, performer and activist based in Amsterdam with a background in dance and circus. Her last 3 productions: ‘Paraart’, ‘Against the Wall’ and 'Omni Toxica' are part of a long-term research on the relationship between art, propaganda and neoliberalism in the West. She was awarded the 3Package Deal fund by AFK for the year 2019-2020 within the ‘engaged art’ coalition.

Hypernating research

In ‘Hypernating’ Charlie and Cristina are working towards dis-positioning a singular voice – wanting it to become multiple. They imagine voice and body as a radio in motion, falling into different frequencies, speaking words that could be songs, but also myths. They work with auto-tune, modulation and rhythm as a method to shake meaning.
In darkness, the seemingly narrational voices deliver suggestive and teasing messages, evoking images, which are immediately reabsorbed into space. Bodies move with minimal gestures, manipulating screens and objects that appear as luminous gleams, to shape artificial becomings half way between the physical and visionary.


Sound could be the subtlest element of the perceptible material.
Perhaps it’s a love-song.


Charlie Laban Trier (DK, 1987) is a performer and choreographer with mainly a background in dances connected to house music. He graduated from SNDO - bachelor in choreography in 2018, received the DanceWeb scholarship in 2017, and has in the past years worked for and as a collaborator to a variety of artists.


Cristina Kristal Rizzo, based in Florence – Italy, is a dance-maker that has been active on the Italian and international contemporary scene since the early 90s. She is one of the founders of the collective, Kinkaleri. Parallel to dance productions she has generated an intense activity of conferences, workshops and theoretical writings

Their first period of research was supported by a production residency at the Centrale Fies / Art Work Space in Northern Italy.



This project has been in process first under LIVEWORKS VOL.7 at Centrale FIES art work space



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