Makers Intensive 2016


In this edition, we bring together an international choreographer with a selection of Amsterdam based choreographers. Petr Boháč (CZ) (Spitfire Company), Riccardo Guratti (IT) en Gianni Grot (NL) show at Dansmakers Podium what a week of intensive work in the studios of Dansmakers can bring.



Three makers with own crew (dancers from the Urban Contemporary & Moderne theaterdans department AHK) enter the studios. What connects them, is their theatrical approach. They work from different styles within the contemporary dance: theatrical, urban and performance. Spoken word or text and cinematic scene images are used. In one week time, they learn from each other by daily feedback, coaching and collaboration. Central is the sharing of knowledge, stimulation of each other's creativity and the development of a concept. The emphasis is on the process, without the pressure and the expectation to deliver an entire performance.


On Saturday 10th of September, you will see three presentations in which they present the outcome of one week working, creating and researching. Together with the makers, the public goes to the bottom of what the process of making means, especially when one is taken out of their own comfort zone.


Petr Boháč (CZ) is researching the concept of ‘Constellations’ to create a choreographic structure. In the ideas about the arrangement of the stars, he recognizes models and patterns of human behavior.


Riccardo Guratti (IT) reflects in his research project ‘the Venus Effect’ over the self image. If the self image is a set of beliefs about yourself,  the question: what do I see (what do I want to see), also embodies the answer to the question: who am I.


Gianni Grot (NL) explores the possibilities of an associative approach. He examines how you can bring layering in the work, by use of the metaphor, symbols, or the analogy. And he explores how to create, by this approach, effective scenes on the dance floor.



Performers: Robbie Miksch, Simone Wanders, Maria Zhukova, Liza Zhukova, Reindert van Rijn, Rebecca Collins, Rosalie Schilder, Katarina Cvorovic,

Coaches: Heleen Volman (Artistic Coördination), Suzy Blok (Artistieke Coaching), Nienke Rooijakkers (Dramaturgy), Charlot van der Meer (Dramaturgy)

Supported by: Young Artfund Amsterdam and Fonds Podiumkunsten and Gemeente Amsterdam.



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