Youth performance 8+
If you get hurt, the first step of the healing process is forming a scab which is like a shield made by your body. In the performance Korst you see two friends, Kat en Dayna, who have to deal with a difficult home situation. Rhythm and movement is the drive which gives them power to heal their wounds and form a scab. With powerful dance, bodyklap and uplifting music, they build brick by brick their own path to the future.
Korst is about people who fight for themselves. It's about freeing yourself from anything holding you back, about falling and rising and running even harder towards your dream.
In her work Kathrin Gramelsberger mixes different dance styles: Jazz dance; Ballet; Tapdance; Afrodance; and Modern - Release, Graham, Cunningham, Horton. Kathrin made, together with Mouna Laroussi, the youth dance performance ChamaeLeon.
Direction: Kathrin Gramelsberger
Choreography: Kathrin Gramelsberger in collaboration with Regilio Sedoc
Dance: Kathrin Gramelsberger, Dayna Martinez (in alternation with Regilio Sedoc)
Music: Daan de Vogel
Decor and costume design: Anne Verheij
Dramaturgy: Suzy Blok
Korst is a production of Dansmakers Amsterdam.
For more information see also: www.kathrin.nl



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