I Have Been Here Before

This year, Marie will develop a new performance. In this new piece ‘I Have Been Here Before’ Marie is looking for a deeper understanding of the phenomenon ‘death’.

Death is inseparable from life, but why does the dead feels so alienated from our existence? Marie, herself, experienced how close death is part of life. With her new piece ‘I Have Been Here Before’ she wants to show a deeper understanding of death. Without sentimentality or self-pity, without denial or repression, but by showing where life consists of. Marie wants to make the phenomenon and the taboo ‘death’ tangible and discussable in all its manifestations.
With her sculptural and minimalistic movement language she strives to create an organic machine that takes the viewer into an ever-changing image sequence. With three dancers, Maaike van de Westeringh, Anne-May de Lijser and Zoe Leduc, composer Alberto Novello and photographic artist Eva Gjaltema they link the fallible world to the infallible.



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