How to enjoy Ceylon Tea. Be Mobile - Create Together!

Canan Yücel Pekicten: During the 20 days residency in Dansmakers, Amsterdam; I plan to finalize a new solo piece which I started to create in my residency in July and August in Paris. 

WHEN: 1-20 OCT 2019


WHERE: Studio Dansmakers Amsterdam


The rhetorical question “How to enjoy Ceylon Tea” followed by an exhaustively detailed description of how to make a cup of tea is revealing the colonial past of the West fueled with the desire to teach the most efficient way of doing things, in this case a cup of tea.

Exploring various possibilities, I found “Other” ways to enjoy Ceylon Tea: dunking my white socks and white bras into the tea in order to make them a darker skin color, a color that fits my own; dunking the white male into the tea, so the heavy residue of history can map itself in his skin; dunking the Earth into the tea thus tea can penetrate in the cracks of its face filling the deep divides with the dark and strong smell of the tea.

My creative endeavor with how to enjoy Ceylon Tea led me to Sri Lanka’s colonial product of tea, which gave me the chance to rest my thoughts in Ceylon itself just to hear the sound of the orientalist opera of Georges Bizet’s “The Pearl Fishers”.  The pearl fishing community in Ceylon and their daily struggles become the thresholds through which I explore the “Other”.

Operas as epitome expressions of “Western” culture are the critical source of my choreographic endeavor. I am interested with the contrast of working and being part of a western classical opera piece while simultaneously challenging and subverting the issues that it deals with.

Canan Yücel Pekiçten (TR 1985) is choreographer, dancer and lecturer with a bachelor, master and proficiency in arts/doctorate degree in Dance. Canan works from her experiences and observations on social class and cultural diversity. And from that: the personal and collective memory and the subjects it affects. In her most recent work she focuses on the representation of the female body in contemporary art. Work of her was performed nationally in Istanbul (19th and 21th Istanbul Theatre Festival) and internationally (Vilnius, NY, Turin, Poland (first prize Gdansk Dance Festival) and has been granted several artist residencies. She participated at the Utrecht Spring Dance Festival (2012) and worked and performed with local and foreign choreographers in a.o. 58th Venice Biennale. More info >>>







Be Mobile - Create Together!

Turkey and Europe are setting up with Be Mobile! Create Together an artistic exchange with artists, writers, actors and choreographers. In October Dansmakers Amsterdam welcomes the Turkish choreographer Canan Yücel Pekiçten. She will work for two weeks in the studio with a presentation afterwards in Podium Mozaïek.



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