Fonda meets Foucault

A philosophical workout
The goal of the research is to combine in a dance research two realms that at first glance seem to be completely opposite: the fitness exercising system introduced by Jane Fonda in 1982 (Aerobics) and the later philosophy of Michel Foucault. A hybrid performance of camp and intellectual thought: a philosophical lecture in the format of a workout.

The whole philosophy behind this is a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. You can achieve a well-proportioned healthy body, not to mention the outward glow that comes from feeling good inside. And remember: Discipline is liberation!
Jane Fonda
But couldn’t everybody’s life become a work of art?
Michel Foucault
Concept and direction: Jochen Stechmann
Creation & performance: Andrea Beugger, Ulrike Doszman, Jochen Stechmann
Acting coach: Claudia Van Rooij
Assistance: Nadia Tsulukidze
Video projection: Jochen Stechmann
Video: Beldan Sezen
Artistic coach: Suzy Blok, Claudia Van Rooij
Production: Carolina Parreira



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