FLAM VI | Forum for Live Art Amsterdam
Forum For Live Art Amsterdam is back! From 22-26 March, the festival once again shows a sample of the development in performance art. With young talent and international guest artists FLAM VI brings a current and excitatory programming, in Arti et Amicitiae and Dansmakers Podium.

FLAM shows a diversity of performance art; from physical to conceptual work, politically or socially charged, till subdued, flash performance to durational works. Young talent is programmed next to more experienced and international artists, because we believe that talent must be challenged. Besides performance programming, FLAM also organizes workshops and talks.

Performance Matters
FLAM is aware of the risk of programming a week long performance art. Performance art remains a fragile discipline, as it has no conventions of fixed duration or skills. Yet, performance art is today more and more part of the established art world.
Besides performance art programming FLAM VI also offers two deepening programs: a lecture at the opening by Annemarie Kok, Phd researcher ‘Participatory Art’ at the University and a round table discussion, open to the audience with artists and guest teachers BBB Johannes Deimling (Associated Professor of Performance Art in NTA Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfald University College, Norway) and Marco Paulo Rolla (founder of the Performance Art-year course at the Fine Arts program at the University of Belo Horizonte, Brazil) .

FLAM present many young but also more experienced artists. Mariana Lanari, writer, editor and curator created between October 2015 and March 2016 her Moving Thinking project for the library of the Stedelijk Museum. She will show her new work based on Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. Young duo MOHA, formed by Olivia Reschofsky and Alice Pons, organizes in 2016 four thematic city walks through Amsterdam. In the four corners of the city, they organize walks with local residents around the themes Carnaval, Protest, Mars and Burial. The Protest walk is part of FLAM and takes place in Amsterdam North. Further participating artists include Nina Glockner and Goeun Bae with a background in the visual arts and newcomers with a dance and visual arts background like Clara Saito and Jija Sohn (Moving Forward trajectory Dansmakers Amsterdam). Usual suspects Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek will present their work Body Freedom, a Reality TV performance.

22-25 March Arti et Amicitiae
25-26 March Dansmakers Podium | programme | tickets

Participating artists: Luanda Jacoel, Asmund Kaupang , Alice Pons, Astarti Athanasiadou, Yurie Umamoto, Astrit Ismaili, BBB Johannes Deimling PAS | INPUT studies, Clara Saito, Fernanda Branco Polse, Fernando Belfiore, Florentina Holzinger, Nils Amadeus Lange, Annina Machaz, Vincent Riebeek, Manuel Scheiwiller, Franziska Menge, Hendrik Walther, Goeun Bae, Jija Sohn, Nina Glockner, Olivia Reschofsky & Alice Pons, Oshin Albrecht, Melissa Mabesoone, Pedro Matias, Setareh Fatehi.



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