Experiment #3

With his Experiment series choreographer Fernando Belfiore creates new spaces for interaction and mobilisation in the dance scene.

The Experiment is an encounter within the setting of a performative playground based on improvisation and interaction. The main idea is to explore new formats of spectating and to focus on collective experience. Experiment#1 took place in October last year during Punch! Festival and worked with a format based on football and support. Experiment#2 derived from the notion of ‘The Symposium’, the round table and storytelling around the fireplace. Both previous editions took place at Dansmakers Amsterdam, where Fernando is artist in residence.

Het Veem Theater invites Fernando Belfiore to create space for a third encounter. This time he proposes the Improvisation Battle as format to work with and from. The improvisation battle is based on battle formats form dance styles like capoeira, vogue or urban dance and follows the idea of the improvisation jam (in music). Experiment#3 proposes a space where the participants can improvise, move and act, independently of style or skill, to playfully challenge or simple dance together.

Everyone is welcome to come and join IMPRO JAM.

Come dressed to shine but in comfortable clothes, so that you can move and don’t wear accessories that can harm others or yourself.
Het Veem Theater, 30 January 20:00h
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About Fernando Belfiore
Fernando Belfiore (1983 Sao Paolo, Brazil) is a choreographer and performer based in Amsterdam. He recently graduated at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development - AHK). Before moving to Europe he studied Theater at Sao Paolo University. He has a number of works that are currently performed: The miserable thing was presented at the IT´S Festival, at the NEU/NOW Festival in Estonia, and the PUNCH! Festival in Amsterdam; for the Brasil Amsterdam Festival he has produced You must and in PUNCH! Festival 2012 premiered .whatdowefinallyshare. which will be performed in Frankfort and Sao Paulo in 2013.
Fernando teaches Contact-Improvisation in Amsterdam and performed in projects with Deborah Hay (Breaking the Chord), Jeremy Wade (Peaches does Herself) and Ann Liv Young (37Sherrys). He has had the opportunity to present his works in Norway, Italy, Brazil, France, Poland, Germany and The Netherlands.
His work combines dance, theater and performance investigating intensities, new forms of engagement and the notion of performativity, as a way of affecting perception into a socio-political context.



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