The term deus ex machina was taken from the Greek tragedy, where a machine is used to bring actors playing gods onto the stage. Deus ex machina designates a term for an unexpected power saving of a seemingly hopeless situation. In this new group choreography, Belfiore is using the notion of the deus ex machina to explore the powers in a performance that can induce an experience of unimaginable change. Different modes of engagement with the audience, the use of power of the body and the power of the machines, the exploration of the limits of theatricality. Epic, sci-fi and ritual become a starting point for a choreography that allows the erratic, the (con)fusion and the fantastic to emerge. As the machinery is set in motion, the stage becomes a place for the unknown and the reconfiguration of our imagination.

Belfiore works at the intersection of dance, theater and visual arts. He investigates daring, innovative forms to challenge and intensify the bodily and sensorial experience of his audience. His performances are physical, strongly visual and colourful, activating an intense experience.

Choreography and Direction: Fernando Belfiore
Creation and Performance : Goran Kusic, Luna Eggers Matz, Rozemarijn de Neve and Jija Sohn
Set Design: Nikola Knežević
Sound Design: Sne Martin Snider
Dramaturgical Eye: Riccardo Guratti and Katarina Bakatsaki 
Artistic Coach: Suzy Blok, Renee Copraij 
Producer: Dansmakers Amsterdam
Production: Sanne Wichman| Dansmakers Amsterdam
PR: Lisette Brouwer, Lisa Reinheimer | Dansmakers Amsterdam
Supported by: Dansgroep Amsterdam, Young Artfund Amsterdam, Workspace Brussels, ICK Amsterdam
Thanks to: Ametour Segway

Playlist short version

20.01  Moving Futures Festival, Theater Kikker, Utrecht 20:00h.
23.01 Moving Futures Festival, De Lawei, Drachten 20:30h.
12.02 Moving Futures Festival, LUX, Nijmegen 20:30h.
23.03 FLAMArti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam  
24.10 24h Noord, Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam open studio session 16:00h.
4.11 Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam - tickets 20:30h.
5.11 Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam - tickets 20:30h.


Moving Futures FestivalDansmakers Podium, Amsterdam (double bill with Vera Tussing) 18:30h. / 19:30h.
21.11 Moving Futures Festival, Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem 20:00h.



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