DAS Choreography: Shaped as a tree - Sara Anjo

Part of DAS Graduate School

I woke up standing, allowing myself to remain solid, feeling stillness in life.

In my dream I was walking backwards as I felt wings growing in my back. They were branches opening the spinal cord. While I was walking backwards, I felt the future behind and the past ahead of the body, visible and wide, the present was more of a trunk, or a tree.

At a certain moment, as if a storm was coming, the branches in my back began to shake allowing the body to breath eagerly. As if the branches wanted to undress this body letting it pulse in its own matter.

In my dream the body was pulsing increasingly until that pulse was transformed into jumps and the branches-wings began to challenge the body's weight. In each jump more suspension and lightness until sudden implosions arrived to celebrate this new meaning that was found.

Creation and Interpretation: Sara Anjo
Sound design: Madalena Palmeirim
Light desing: Artur Pispalhas
Costumes: Sara Anjo
Artistic assistance and collaboration: Teresa Silva, Margarida Mestre and Shelley Etkin
Residency Support: Fórum Dança
Co-production: Negócio - ZDB
Thanks to: Ana Mira, Maria Gil, Rui Catalão and Tânia Guerreiro

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