DAS Choreography: between the is and the could be - Thea Patterson

Part of DAS Graduate School

There is a gap in the middle where it might just happen, and probably will. A space where it is, or where it isn’t or where it could be…. Can we rethink this space? Can we linger there, wait, wait and see? This hesitation carves time out of time. In it’s withholding, every hesitation interrupts the performance of its charge, it makes time, it brackets space, it glimmers.
Slide, follow, bubble, attune. Invite, invoke, abandon.
Include, exclude, converge, merge, and divide.

Dance the shadow.

Listen, propose, drop, and follow…wait…wait…hold, let go…go, let go…go.
We glimmer this space into being.

Made in collaboration with: Eva Susova, Clara Amaral, Elinor Fueter, Rachel Harris, Kathy Casey
Performed by: Thea Patterson
Dramaturgy and Mentorship: Konstantina Georgelou//Lois Brown// Benoit Lachambre//Robert Steijn
Special thanks during the research to: Agustina Munoz//Andrea Zavala Folache//Sarah Williams
Lights: Huib Reinders Folmer

Huge thanks to Sara Anjo, Matthew Day, Asher Lev, Jeroen Fabius, Sher Doruff, Alice Chauchat, Michelle Moura, Günther Whilhlem, Mike O’Connor, velvet leigh, Norberto Llopis Segarra, KG Guttman, Noha Ramadan, Julian Weber, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Dana Gingras, Jeremy Gordaneer, Peter Trosztmer, Sigrid Patterson, Montreal Danse, and The Dancer Transition Resource Centre.

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