Auf meiner Seele hat ein Fremdling getanzt

Auf meiner Seele hat ein Fremdling getanzt forms a trilogy together with the two earlier performances of Nina Wijnmaalen There is no place like home and Object of Desire. In this trilogy a micro-cosmos -represented by seven individuals and a choir- stands as a metaphor for the complexity of interpersonal contact and the vulnerability of communication. These seven individuals are in search of the connection within themselves, the other and their surrounding and make frantic efforts to reach each other; they show us fragments of thoughts, desires and fantasies about themselves and the other and reveal in this way the (inner) struggle of the anxious, struggling individual.

Choreography & concept: Nina Wijnmaalen
Performers: Emma de Gans, Mylan Hoezen, Kit Kramer, Marieke Oldenburger, Fernando Oliveira, Tim Simons, Kaz Schonebeek
Choir: Russisch Kamerkoor Amsterdam. 
Advice & special thanks: Nina Glockner, Rose Akras
Productional support: Roel Manschot
Supported by: Dansmakers Amsterdam, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Stichting Stokroos   



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