Inspiration Residency new project González and Jones

Argentinian choreographer Amparo González Sola will be working from February until April  as a resident at Dansmakers, undertaking research for a new project "CHARGED" .



Choreographer Amparo Gonzalez Sola & Light designer Vinny Jones

Dansmaker / Residency Amparo González Sola (AR) / February-April 2019

This project is part of  the research platform “Over the leak” in which Amparo is working since 2017 in dialog with people from different fields, generations, social context and nationalities. The main research is around the concept of  “performatic alchemy”, putting the attention on to the processes of transformations that takes part at different levels. Transform / become another as a poetic act and as a political strategy.

For “CHARGED”, Amparo research about friction as a generator of transformation.


What happens when we rub things? Stones, our bodies, plastic, wood, our hair, ideas, tissues, ice... Friction is the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other. Too much friction means that things become stuck together. An interesting metaphor for entrenched conflict? If there is so much friction it's not possible to get loose from the situation. For something to get traction, there needs to be friction. A metaphor for how ideas come to be accepted?


Research Project In dialog with: Vinny Jones (AU/NL) and Ariadna Rubio Lleo (DE/NL)

Support: Fondo Nacional de las Artes (AR) / Dansmaker (NL) / Estudio El Cuarto (AR)

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Amparo Gonzalez Sola 

Amparo is a performer, choreographer, teacher and researcher from Argentina.

Her main research field is the relationship between politics, art and science, thought from a transdisciplinary and collaboratively point of view.

As a choreographer, her performative pieces include: Caravana with Juan Onofri Barbato (SPRING Performing Arts Festival /Teatro Argentino de La Plata, 2017); El Becerro de Oro (Prize Bienal Arte Joven, Buenos Aires, 2015); Campo (Festival Prisma, Panamá, 2017); Hay alguien Ahi (Ciclo Bicéfalos, 2016), Faraday (2013). With her group KM29 she took part of the european tour GETLOST with the piece Duramadre (2015). Currentlyshe is working on a new research project called Over the leak(performance alchemy).

As a researcher, she has been working on the paradigm of complexity within the framework of Tensegrity applied to bodies, in a multidisciplinary perspective. She has received the AAP grant from the ULM University to participate in the Fascia Research Summer School (Germany, 2016). She has also been invited to participate to the Residence of Inspiration: Dance and Neuroscience, Het Huis Utrech ́s (2015). She has also received a grant from Avignon Festival, Bienal Arte Joven and Pro Helvetia Found to take part to " El Seminario en Avignon" (France, 2015).

As a teacher, she coordinates since 2014 the programe KM29 /Danzafor young people in situation of social difficulty in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Since 2010 she coordinates dance workshops in Argentina and overseas: Utrecht ND(ROC Midden Nederland, Creative College Dox), Liège, (Théâtre de Liège), Valparaiso CHL (Centro Parque Cultural Danzaalborde), among others.

She is also co-founder of  the artistic and political collectiveForo Danza en Acciónand Escena Política.



Vinny Jones



is a light designer who uses light to shape the relationship between the audience and performance space. Her approach to design has been shaped by collaborative, multi-disciplinary processes, in which she uses light as both an aesthetic and dramaturgical tool of theatre making.

In 2013 vinny graduated cum laude from the MFA Scenography at the Frank Mohr International Masters, her work exploring the use of light as a sensory medium that is experienced by the body as well as seen with the eyes. Her ongoing work is supported by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund and Performing Arts Fund New Makers grant, exploring installations of performing spaces which invite the audience to discover the story of another through immersion in their sensory world. She is currently presenting a research installation, IN.here, as a live lab in Spring Academy, and will develop the work to premier in Spring Festival 2019.

Vinny has worked in a wide range of genres from experimental performances to large, site-specific works, to the stages of the Dutch, British and Czech Republic’s National Theatres. Recently her work can be seen in collaborations with Arno Schuitermaker. Lotte van den Berg and Spectra's Andrea Božić and Julia Willms. Her work can be distinguished by a desire to illuminate the journey of a piece, as opposed to illustrate it; and to give light a formative role in the performance making process.





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