(RE-)OPENING FESTIVAL Program December 13th

START 20:00h

WORK IN PROGRESS - Dereck Cayla/ICK Amsterdam

The fascination dancer Dereck Cayla for movement and physicality brought him to Amsterdam, when he joined ICKamsterdam in 2009. At ICK he choreographed four short solos in which he was asked to question his physicality in relation to the principle of the "language of the flesh". As a dancer, embodying different physicalities and movement approaches has constantly triggered his identity. But what happens with the identity of the dancer without the maker? How can he define his identity through movement then? Is it possible/needed to create your own language? Is it possible to be your own choreographer? More info: Dereck Cayla at ICKamsterdam

Presentation: Dereck Cayla

UNREALITY - Peter Leung/Het Nationale Ballet

UNREALITY is a work for two dancers, who move suspended in darkness. The physicality of darkness fascinates me. There is beauty to darkness, there is space for illusion and imagination. The duet is a continual process of responding to what I have created before. During this process physical accidents occur that distort the existing movement language and become integral parts of the new work. I don’t think too much about the audience, it’s not that I don’t care, I just believe that the existence of the work will hold volume on it’s own. More info: House of Makers

Choreography: Peter Leung, Dancers: Nadine Drouin, Skyler Martin, Music: Arvo Pärt - Magnificat / Steve Reich- Pendulum

ABBEY LIVE: A WORK IN PROGRESS - Heather Ware/Leine&Roebana

Heather is fascinated by the possibilities of the dancing body, and how complex coordinations can effect how we experience emotion.  
“There is a camaraderie built between people who share physical experiences together, and it is this shared experience that I wish to include the audience in."
By working in small scale collaborative partnerships she creates work which is both vulnerable and virtuosic, both fragile and unconstrained, to create an intimate and visceral dialogue with the audience.
Abbey Live is a pre-study for Battle Abbey, which will premiere in March 2017 in the Chasse theatre in Breda. More info: Leine & Roebana

Choreopraphy and dance: Heather Ware

D NO BODY CH#2 (ADI) - Dario Tortorelli

In his work Dario is in a constant search to develop his perfect image, a character called ROMEO HEART. As it is his desire to become this character, it is something never to be achieved.
‘D NO BODY’ is a series of solos to investigate the image of ROMEO HEART through the body of another.
In the first chapter of the series the body was going through physical transformations by installing a hundred of ROMEO HEART’s sunglasses in space. In this new chapter the space is already installed and the shades are gazing at us. For this new piece Dario was inspired by pop culture and artists who played with their image mixing the genders. Adi’s character is looking for the identity of the body that slowly moves away from the state of installation to eventually getting closer to human. More info: Dario Tortorelli

Concept and choreography: Dario Tortorelli (Movement research together with Adi Amit), Performance: Adi Amit Costumes and Settings: Dario Tortorelli, Artistic advisors: Judit Ruiz Onandi, Angelo Novembre, Conny Janssen, Light design: Remko van Wely, Music: ‘Love is lost’ arranged by Davide Bellotta. D NO BODY CH#2 (ADI) has been developed for DANSLOKAAL 3, the talent development program by Conny Janssen Danst.

This performance is part of We Are Public



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