(RE-)OPENING FESTIVAL Program December 12th

START 20:00h

THEN, BEFORE, NOW, ONCE MORE - Antonin Comestaz

The universe seems to play by the rule of constant change. Nothing remains. Everything transform. Life and death, days and nights, seasons… What is now isn't what it was then, nor before, but may occur again. Nature lets us witness these patterns in everything, including feelings. How do we cope with this fact when we seek eternity? More info: Antonin Comestaz

Choreography: Antonin Comestaz, Music: Aphex Twin, Nicolas Jaar, Robert Lippok, Dancers: Inés Belda Nàcher, Jefta Tanate

LIKE 4 REAL - ISH/Cindedans

You or your avatar? Which identity is going to win out in this search for what’s really important in life?
A dancefilm by our new neighbours ISH and Cinedans. More info: ISH & Cinedans

NL | 2014 | 13’, Director: Uwang, Choreographer: Marco Gerris Ish

IDIOT-SYNCRASY - Igor Urzelai & Moreno Solinas/Aerowaves

We started with wanting to change the world with a performance. We felt like idiots.
Then we danced a lot. We jumped. We called on the folk traditions of Sardinia and the Basque Country. We sang. We jumped some more. We committed.
Now we promise to persevere. We promise to be open. We promise to do our best.
Idiot-Syncrasy has been touring internationally since its premiere in 2013 and has been nominated for the National Dance Awards 2015 and the Total Theatre Awards 2015, and it was selected for the European touring network Aerowaves 2015 and the British Council Showcase 2015. More info: Igor & Moreno

Choreographed and Performed by: Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas, Artistic Associate: Simon Ellis, Lighting Design: Seth Rook Williams, Sound Design: Alberto Ruiz Soler, Set & Costume Design: Kasper Hansen, Voice Coach: Melanie Pappenheim, Costume Maker: Sophie Bellin Hansen, Management Assistant: Sarah Maguire




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