You Better Move #8 - RAVING BODY & SPIRIT

You Better Move#8 is entering the new year with a grand opening. For one day the space of Dansmakers will transform into a temporary temple for the Raving Body & Spirit: A hybrid space where time, space and matter dissolve into oneness.


The one-day festival that offers a stage to new makers and proven talent, is co-curated by performer & choreographer Keren Rosenberg. Body-centric, raw, unapologetic, supernatural, queer- and badass artists are invited to share their works.

With Edan Gorlicki, Gergo Farkas & Hanna van den Berg, Svetlin Velchev, Sandy Ceesay, Iro Vasalou, Yotam Peled, Keren Rosenberg


Keren Rosenberg is an Amsterdam based Israeli performer, choreographer, movement researcher who has been performing her work all over the world. With her artistic voice she articulates a physical and social political gaze over the body and the environment it functions in. She creates experiences between night-club and stage, between rock concert and exhibition hall. Keren is artist in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam, supported by the Nieuwe Makersregeling, Performing Arts Fund.

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