Wonderland of the Night

Get ready for the seventh edition of You Better Move. Tonight the club is our playing field, listen, see, move!

In the creative landscape of Dansmakers Amsterdam, Nedda Sou invites us for an evening where Street & Club culture, personal stories and music meet. While the evening comes in, but before the night puts on his mask, audience, dancers and performers come together. Sharpen your senses! Come as you are.






Father Figure (film) - Bibi Fadlalla

Pluto - Julia Monschau with Asuka J. Riedl

Existential - Diego Oliveira with Kim Tawjoeram, Jeffrey de la Fuente

After Groove - Diego Oliveira

Break with DJ KC the Funkaholic

GlitterGods Club-act - Jesús de Vega/Moreno Perna

Dancehall - Chargie Inc.

Clubdance - DJ KC the Funkaholic

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Nedda Sou (NL) is an urban dance professional/clubhead and advocate of the Urban/club dance culture. Self-taught, she found her way into the professional field through performances in various commercial shows and theatre productions. Nedda specialized in Street and club dance styles with shows in house dance, hip hop, dancehall, Krump, waackin, popping, and experimental.




You Better Move

With this one-day dance festival Dansmakers Amsterdam is a platform for the makers and for their artistic work. This recurring festival shows radical, diverse and qualitative work and is an invitation to the dance field to come together, to move and to exchange experiences. Each edition will be compiled by a choreographer from Amsterdam.

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