You Better Move #5

Are you ready for an unconventional theatre experience?

With this recurring one-day dance festival, Dansmakers Podium is a platform for artists. This is the place where they meet each other and their audience. Each edition is composed by an Amsterdam choreographer.



For this fifth edition of You Better Move, choreographer and performer Moreno Perna invites artists to shake their skills in a unique motion research. They brave gravity and see challenges as opportunities. Flirting with circus, video and dance art, they give new impulses to the discipline. In this contemporary vision on dance and theatre, diversity is the common language. Both for seasoned and new theatre audiences.



One-Day Dance Festival

Juggling, African beats, Performances and Video

With Sandra Kramerova, Nicolas Roses Ponce, Vincent Riebeek, Simone Heijloo, Moreno Perna, Moa Holgersson, Liza van Brakel, Tamir Eting

Curated by Moreno Perna / Dansmakers Amsterdam




SA 23.06, 19:30

Tickets online * € 10,- / € 8,50 (CJP, Students, Huisvuilpas, Stadspas, Dansmakerspas)


*Buy your tickets in advance, +€2,- at the door.






Nicolas Roses Ponce, Vincent Riebeek - HYPER REAL BROMANCE

Are they friends, partners, lovers, rivals, enemies or simply colleagues?



Nicolas shares a contemporary vision on the pas de deux and the underlying power relations. Not only in dance, but in our society as well.

Nicolas is a choreographer, graduated from SNDO. He sees moving as a political and spiritual practice.

Choreografie: Nicolas Roses Ponce Performance: Vincent Riebeek, Esther Arribas, Dani Brown & Fernando Belfiore




Sandra Kramerova - LADIA

Ladia is an experimental dance film where pain, exhaustion and will power become a virtual solo fight



In this short movie we get to meet Ladia – a superhero that soon finds out that she herself is her biggest enemy. Sandra is a Slovak Choreographer (Sarah Lawrence College, MFA Dance 2016). Her work is characterized by a strong athletic base.

Choreography & Performance: Sandra Kramerová Directed and Edited by Álvaro Congosto




Simone Heijloo - RODÉ

Explosive rhythm, powerful movement and energizing dance



The new generation African dancers share their stories, experiences, freedom and joy in a powerful performance. Rodé is created by 3 choreographers that were all schooled in West Africa: Simone Heijloo (Netherlands), Moussa N’Diaye (Senegal) and Laye Serrere (Senegal).

Choreography: Simone Heijloo, Moussa N’Diaye, Laye Serrere Dance (23.06): Moussa N’Diaye & Simone Heijloo Live music (23.06): Mamour Seck, Ouzin Diop Choreography assistant: Yolanda van Welij Costumes: Calle de Hoog Production: Simone Heijloo





One day you will fall and I won’t break that fall and we will fall apart



In this surreal solo, Moa gives in to gravity, working with the act of hair hanging.

Moa has a background in different aerial disciplines, pole dance and vogueing. She follows the BA course Audio, Visual and Performance Art at Rietveld Academy.

Choreography and performance: Moa Holgersson





Ready for take-off – vanishing in infinity



In the short movie Approaching Minimums, 4 flying bodies are the starting point for musings about vanishing points and infinity. Tamir Eting is a SNDO-student, currently enrolled in the second year.

Concept: Tamir Eting Camerawork: Fernanda Libman and Leon Eting Performers: Charles Pas and Tamir Eting




Liza van Brakel - AIN'T NO EASY WAY OUT

A duet with a body and cones



Juggling old-fashioned and boring? Think again! In a playful manner Liza explores the possibilities and limitations of juggling in combination with acrobatics. Liza graduated in 2017 from Codarts Circus Arts as juggler and dance acrobat.

Choreography and performance: Liza van Brakel




Moreno Perna - LDRC

Moreno will be the mediator between the ocean of information on the Internet and the audience, trying to desperately find a sense in all the madness



LDRC (Lana Del Rey changed), is a performance about the Internet. The Internet that is made of images and videos. How can we react to this sea of visual information? Moreno will try to find a sense in all the madness.

concept & performance: Moreno Perna





Curated by Moreno Perna

Moreno Perna (1989) is an Italian performer based in Amsterdam. He graduated in Modern Theatre Dance from Amsterdam University of the Arts. In his work he focuses on creative research into identity as a cultural construct. He was one of the choreographers touring with the Moving Futures dance festival 2018.

He started out as a performer with Troubleyn/Jan Fabre and appears in Mount Olympus – to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy and De macht der theaterlijke dwaasheden. He also works as a nightclub performer under the name Vortex.






You Better Move! is a meeting of ideas, a collective 'aha' experience, a  sparkling event with work fresh of the press. 

With this one-day dance festival, Dansmakers Podium is stage for the makers with a multi-coloured collection of new, radical and qualitative work. This recurring festival is an invitation to the dance field to come together, talk and share ideas. Each edition is composed by an Amsterdam choreographer.



While the Internet of Things is in order to collapse under the weight of its own success and we freak out looking for The New Next Thing, it is the artist who with his work exceeds our imagination. Not just divine inspiration, but hard work, determination and a tireless interest in the world and in the others is the germ of his work. With the series You Better Move!, Dansmakers Amsterdam is a stage for establishing makers to show their work, a process, to give and take workshops or to pitch ideas. Each editionis composed by an Amsterdam choreographer and an opportunity for the Amsterdam dance scene to get and to stay together.

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