One-day Dance Festival

You Better Move! is a meeting of ideas, a collective 'aha' experience, a  sparkling event with work fresh of the press. 


With this one-day dance festival, Dansmakers Podium is a platform for artists to support their work and to gain more visibility for their art. With radical, diverse and qualitative work, this recurring festival is an invitation to the dance field to gather, move and share their experiences. Each edition is composed by an Amsterdam choreographer.


In the third edition of You Better Move, Choreographer Fernando Belfiore* (BR, 1983) brings the work of six young performance artists together. The works express their concerns about otherness, sexuality and fluidity of identity, portrayed in extremely physically and unconventional forms. With their body and presence they edit the space and in doing so, they focus fearlessly and generously on the spectator. The world that this generation of performers shows us is exciting, personal and sensorial.



You Better Move # 3 

Friday November 24th, 19:30

With works by Marlieke Burghouts, Fernando Troya, Ingeborg Meier, Elysia Mc Mullen, Èleni Ploumi and Jette Hermanis.

Curated by Fernando Belfiore




Marlieke Burghouts - Hired Hands

A hundred brittle blocks, one performer, and your hands in search of self-will

Hundreds of brittle blocks and 1 performer; these are the main ingredients of Hired Hands. The only thing that still needs to be added, are your hands. Based on the idea of Sarah Ahmed that the will is socially constructed, Marlieke invites you to put in your self-will to bring this work to life.

Marlieke Burghouts is choreographer and performer, graduated from the Trinity Laban Conservatory. She shared her work at a.o. United-C Eindhoven, Dansateliers Rotterdam and Laban London.


Choreography & PerformanceMarlieke Burghouts Sound artist Vincent Twigt Dramaturgy Diane Elshout Conceptual & Scenographic Support Leila Lohman & Janine Toussaint



Fernando Troya - Essential Rights

To belong, or not to belong (that is the question)

Do you remember who you played with when you were five?

We are shaped in our early childhood – we explore who we are and how we fit in society. Because if we don’t fit in we take the risk of being bullied. Essential Rights explores the relation between belonging and embracing your own individuality, with all consequences.

Fernando Troya (1989, ES) danced for Nederlands Danstheater II. At the moment he is working as a freelance choreographer.


Choreography Fernando Troya Performers Arturo Vargas, Quentin Roger, Gianmarco La Roca

Music Carlos Ema




Ingeborg Meier Andersen - OFFBEATBOOTBEAT

Beating the beat

People who dance off the music’s beat, dance to their own beat. So if you’ve always been a slave to the beat of music, where do you find your own beat? With a stubbornness, Ingeborg dives into her own dance practice and turns it inside out to consciously reach the offbeat. Ingeborg Meier Andersen (1994, DK) is a second year student of the School for New Dance Development. Her interest in the concept ‘offbeat’ stems from years of conventional dance education in Copenhagen and London.


Choreography & Performance Ingeborg Meier Andersen



Èleni Ploumi - Poutanes


A confrontation with pleasure

Mother, housewife, slut... . A woman has the questionable honor to get a lot of different titles. Is she still in charge of her own sexuality? Èleni explores who her body truly belongs to, and by doing so she is looking for her own borders, as well as the borders from the audience.

Èleni Ploumi (1988, GR) graduated from the Fontys Dance academy. In her work she explores physical borders and raises questions about for her pressing issues. 


Choreography & Performance Èleni Ploumi



Elysia Mc Mullen - Directly You’ll be Directed in The Right Direction


Who guides you when you lose your sense of reality?

Elysia Mc Mullen takes you on a journey through different realities we did not know existed. But when her awareness of the surroundings becomes altered due to the absence of actual stimulus, her relationships with perception, sensations and feelings are lost.

Elysia Mc Mullen (1991, IE) graduated from the Fontys Danceacademy and has shown her work since on a.o. Boulevard, Mundial and Brocante Festival and Cirkus I Soldelan.


Choreography & PerformanceElysia Mc Mullen Visual artist Astrid Yperlaan & Roel Mathijssen




Jette Hermanis - Arlequinette


Universal personal tragedies

Arlequinette is a modern tragedy with all classical elements – monstrous plots, grotesque fantasies, obsessive humiliations and doubtful suffering, but also clicks, likes and follows. This harlequin shows that the vicious circle of recognition and degradation is painfully relevant nowadays.

Jette Loona Hermanis (1997, EE/LV) is currently following the second year of the School for New Dance Development. Jette is looking for ways to combine music, dance, fashion, theatre, and the internet in one stage-aesthetic.


Choreography & Performance Jette Loona Hermanis Advisor Rodrigo Sobarzo






Friday November 24th, 19:30



Tickets online * € 10,- / € 8,50 (CJP, Students, Huisvuilpas, Stadspas, Dansmakerspas)

*Buy your tickets in advance, +€2,- at the door.





While the Internet of Things is in order to collapse under the weight of its own success and we freak out looking for The New Next Thing, it is the artist who with his work exceeds our imagination. Not just divine inspiration, but hard work, determination and a tireless interest in the world and in the others is the germ of his work. With the series You Better Move!, Dansmakers Amsterdam is a stage for establishing makers to show their work, a process, to give and take workshops or to pitch ideas. Each editionis composed by an Amsterdam choreographer and an opportunity for the Amsterdam dance scene to get and to stay together.



*Fernando Belfiore

Choreographer and performance artist Fernando Belfiore (1983, BR) is a graduate and guest teacher at the SNDO, Amsterdam. His performances are intense and poetic, with references from theatre and visual arts. He explores performance art with the body as main medium. In every performance a delicate transformation is fulfilled, often with softness and vulnerability as downside. His work is well received in and abroad the Netherlands and supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam (since 2011).



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