Not on this Earth (2019) - Keren Rosenberg & Charlie Prince

"You can never visit my land and I can never visit yours. Let’s meet NOT ON THIS EARTH”.

In this duet, the dance artists Keren Rosenberg and Charlie Prince reflect on the geo-political boundaries that have been imposed on them. 

This performance confronts us with the limitations that have been imposed on us. 

We create our own universe through fearless and emancipated physicality. 

This is our way of imagining the unimaginable.   

We look for the friction, between what we try to hide or soften, the taboo between you and us.

For this project Keren and Charlie collaborate with designer and visual artist Tony Markus Sacharias and video artist and photographer Paul Sixta.

NOT ON THIS EARTH seeks the space for recognizing the reality of the other, a reality that is different, often contradictory, but not impossible to understand or accept. 

Their physical investigation is a complex dialogue in which different and even conflicting perspectives, opinions, and truths can co-exist. The work does not try to find a solution for conflicts, but tries to create space or land where the boundaries of the known can be stretched. Without the need for reconciliation, but with the desire for and urgency of communication and exchange.



Keren Rosenberg is an Amsterdam based performer, maker and movement researcher. Through her works and artistic practice, she seeks to articulate a physical and social political gaze over the body and the environment it functions in; hunting for rituals and physicality that can dissolve boundaries between body, social skins and environments. Questioning social political and queer contexts while creating collaborations with soulmate artists from the fields of Photography, Film, Design, Sound . Keren is currently a choreographer in residence in Dansmakers. 
Charlie Prince is a dance artist and composer based in Amsterdam.  He is interested in the place of the body within the post-colonial imagination as a means of subverting and resisting imperial legacies.  He currently works with Maquamat Dance Theatre in Beirut as a performer and associate choreographer and is currently supported by apap-Performing Europe 2020.


Choreography & Performance Keren Rosenberg & Charlie Prince - Design & Scenography Tony Markus Sacharias - Videography & Artistic support Paul Sixta - Composition Charlie Prince - Coaching Suzy Blok - Publicity Dansmakers Amsterdam - With the support of Dansgroep Amsterdam - Production House of Victorious Humans (Keren Rosenberg), Dansmakers Amsterdam 
Photography ©Paul Sixta

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