Neptune (2020) - Lois Alexander

What can water teach us about transformation, change and letting go of past structures that no longer serve us? 

Surrounded by melting ice blocks, the virtuoso dancer Lois Alexander explores the structures that have influenced women of colour throughout history.


In motion, Lois uses characteristics of water to investigate the fluidity in relation to the self. Through the intersection of dance, visual arts and sound, Neptune creates a universe that stimulates the imagination to shape new ways of existence. Neptune is a collaboration with scenographer Nina Kay and composer Shannon Sea.


Choreography, performanceLois Alexander Scenography Nina Kay Composition Shannon Sea Artistic advice Suzy Blok, Fernando Belfiore Dramaturgic Advice Alexandra Hennig, Lara van Lookeren Production Dansmakers Amsterdam Co-production Sophiensæle Berlin Costume stylist Steffi Barbian Supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, AFK 3Package Deal, Dansgroep Amsterdam Image Oliver Look



Lois Alexander (US, 1991) is a graduate from the Juilliard School in New York. In 2014 she moved to Europe and danced for various choreographers and directors, Stijn Celis, Christoph Winkler and Zufit Simon to name some. With her choreographies, Lois is inspired by natural processes and events. Working with time, space, change and transformation, Lois is curious how to give new dimensions to her experiences.



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