Moving Forward 2019 - Selected Choreographers

Lucas Devroe - It's Simple, I am Complex

We live in a world full of complex paradoxes, run by people who are simply human


In It's Simple, I am Complex, Lucas examines the core of our being: gender. He zooms into the social construct we have built around it, while attempting to dissect the norms. How do we mould ourselves as individuals? How do we feel a sense of belonging without the sense of losing our identity? The world is a world full of complex paradoxes, run by people who are simply human.

Concept & choreografie Lucas Devroe Performers & co-creators Astrid Klein Haneveld & Jochem Eerdekens Muziek compositie Huy Le Coaching Pia Meuthen Artistieke partner & dramaturg Izah Hankammer Scenografische input Tanja Becher

Lucas Devroe (BE, 1996) is a Belgian choreographer based in the Netherlands. He began his choreographic journey in the Choreography Department of Fontys, where he developed an interest in the complex relationship between the individual and the collective. Through his choreographic works, Lucas aims to share alternative views of the world we have created around us and the social norms, rules and expectations that come with it.


Stina Fors - A Poetical Circumstance

It is not about clinging onto an identity or an idea, it's about the contrary: about letting go and fall


We are often blind and hide behind our great selves, but that doesn't make it any less real, only harder to talk about. A Poetical Circumstance is a practice- to learn. It's insisting, staying, committing on finding language with an aim to recite a poem. It is not about clinging onto an identity or an idea, it's about the contrary: about letting go and fall. Because it's here, in the abdication of the self, where the heart of poetry exists.

Choreography & Performance Stina Fors

Stina Fors (1989, SE – SNDO 2019) has found her love for the voice, the sonic and the loud. Her musical endeavors looks for the absolute unity of music, poetry and travesty. She wonders what a 'sounding body' could be. A machine; a performative concert with a drum kit, and other collaborations such as the bands SEKT, Hämndkropp and Minnie Ryder & Johnny Horn. 


Mami Kang - Transmission

The material and imaginary world united in one powerful ritual


Transmission unites the material and imaginary world in one powerful ritual. In this solo, the body is used as a kinetic and technological instrument. By creating flowing, unnatural and ambiguous tragic dreams, the protagonist experiments with new ideas about the body. Dance is presented as an alternative belief for today's supersaturated world. Mami incorporated, among other materials, the cornrow braids. Stemming from African tradition, she approaches these from her fascination towards the craftsmanship, the style, and the materiality.

Concept, Choreography, Performance Mami Kang  Music Mix Yon Eta  Costume Design Mami Kang, Dazzled Designs Latex, Maikel latex kleding Cornrow braids The Natural Nation  Light Design Martin Kaffarnik  Advice Nikola Knežević, Noha Ramadan, Bruno Listopad

Mami Kang (JP/KR, 1986) is a choreographer and dancer and graduated in 2019 from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. Her work can be seen as an experimentation of dance around its materiality, technology, and emotional sensitivity. By questioning the boundaries between what is virtual or physical, subjective and objective, she explores the potentiality of imagery, movement and sound. 

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