Recently Graduated Dance Makers Talent

The Moving Forward trajectory is one of the most important new talent trajectories in contemporary dance. One recently graduated, talented choreographer will have the unique opportunity to develop under the wings of Dansmakers Amsterdam for a period of one year.

In that year they will create a new choreography. In order to qualify for the one-year programme, three to four promising choreographers will be scouted from all graduating performances in the Netherlands, who will follow a Makers Intensive at Dansmakers Amsterdam in the autumn.

The Makers Intensive is an intensive period of one to two weeks, during which the selected choreographers exchange knowledge, explore different working methods and discover various choreographic practices. During the Intensive they will resume their graduation performance. Under professional guidance, both technical and artistic, they will be able to develop their own work. This period is also an excellent opportunity for the makers to meet each other and expand their network.


At the end of the Makers Intensive, the results will be presented to the public during the Moving Forward Performance Night. The audience will also include the jury who, one week later, will award one of the makers with the Moving Forward programme. For this decision, the jury not only assesses the selected artists on the basis of the performances they present, but also takes into account the way of working, how the makers present themselves and their ideas. Although there is only one programme available each season, we still focus on cooperation, collegiality and mutual opportunities. The feeling of competition is avoided as much as possible.


The Moving Forward trajectory bridges the gap between education and the professional field of work, whereby the maker has direct access to the existing network and, under supervision, creates his own, new performance. The network refers to the network of Dansmakers Amsterdam, together with the partner houses from the national Moving Futures network. Moving Forward is initiated by Dansmakers Amsterdam, financially supported by Dansgroep Amsterdam and in collaboration with the Moving Futures partners Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost, Random Collision and Dansmakers Amsterdam.


Moving Forward 2019

Nominees Moving Forward 2019: Lucas Devroe (Fontys - Tilburg), Stina fors (SNDO, School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling - AHK Amsterdam), Mami kang (SNDO) >>>

Moving Forward Trajectory 2019/20: Stina Fors



Moving Forward 2018


Nominees Moving Forward 2018: Antonia Steffens, School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling (SNDO - AHK, Amsterdam), Andreas Hannes, SNDO - AHK Amsterdam and Piet Van Dycke, Fontys, Tilburg. Moving Forward Performance Night 2018  >>>

Moving Forward Trajectory 2018/19: Andreas Hannes Jury rapport >>>



Moving Forward 2017  

Nominees Moving Forward 2017 Ellis van Veldhuizen (Fontys, Tilburg), Andrea Zavala Folache (SNDO, Amsterdam), Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen (SNDO, Amsterdam) >>>

Audience award: Ellis van Veldhuizen

Moving Forward Trajectory 2017: Sigrid Stigsdatter



Moving Forward 2016

Nominees Moving Forward 2016 : Sophie Mayeux (ArtEZ dansacademy 2016), Lester Arias (SNDO - AHK, 2016), Asher Lev (DAS Choreography, AHK. 2016) & Evangelos Biskas V (FHK dance, 2016)  >>>

Audience Award: Lester Arias

Moving Forward Trajectory: Evangelos Biskas V (Fontys, Tilburg)



Moving Forward 2015

Moving Forward Award: Jija Sohn (SNDO, Amsterdam). >>>

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