Kyabajo - Jija Sohn


Jija Sohn

She takes a seat really close to you, lights your cigarette and fills your glass. You feel at ease: “Welcome in the Kyabakura bar”, she says. She has an intelligent talk with you, and you let go of all the stress of the last days. She caresses your arm, your ego, your manhood. You are ready to be seduced.


But what you don’t know just yet, is what this kyabajō hides underneath her apparent façade.


Kyabajō is a visual performance in which the raw side of man is celebrated and the seedy embraced. Surrender to a game of oppression, power, and liberation.



The Japanese-Korean Jija Sohn graduated from the School for new Dance Development Amsterdam in 2015 and was the first choreographer to be selected for the Moving Forward Trajectory. During this trajectory she developed the performance Geisha’s Miracle, in which she plays with traditions and the modern times of Western and Japanese cultures. In her work she is seeking for ways to transform cultural diversity in a universal value, and where differences come together in one shared feeling or reality. 



Collage: Bacco Picture Jija & nails: Lester Arias Viscuna



Choreography & Performance Jija Sohn Dramaturgy Charlot van der Meer Artistic Advice Katarina Bakatsaki, Bruno Listopad Coaching Dansmakers Amsterdam Light Design Saskia de Vries Sound Design Abel Kroon, Steve Martin Snider Costume & Scenography Rosemarie Allaert Publicity Ruth Verraes / Dansmakers Amsterdam Production Joppe Kos/ Dansmakers Amsterdam Producer Dansmakers Amsterdam Co-Producer Podium Bloos, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Dansbrabant via PLAN* Supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Young Artfund Amsterdam, Flora Theatre Festival Thanks to Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Ria Higler  Collage Bacco Picture Jija & nails Lester Arias Viscuña







9 March, 20:30, Dansmakers Podium, €5,-



29 Februari, 20:00, Theater Bellevue 




30-mrt FrasLab, Frascati, Amsterdam 20:00
31-mrt FrasLab, Frascati, Amsterdam 20:00
1-apr FrasLab, Frascati, Amsterdam 20:00
26-mei Dansmakers Podium 20:30
26-nov Dansmakers Podium 20:00
2.12.2017 Les Urbaines, Lausanne  
10-mrt Studio Bloos, Moving Futures Breda 20:00
16-mrt Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Moving Futures 21:00
29-mrt PREMIERE: Theater Bellevue, Moving Futures Amsterdam 20:00
11-13 mei Flora Theatre Festival, Olomouc (CZ)  
3-aug Theaterfestival Boulevard, 's-Hertogenbosch 20:00
4-aug Theaterfestival Boulevard, 's-Hertogenbosch 20:00
6, 8.02 Rrreuring jonge makers festival, Podium Mozaiek  

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