In Search of a Title - Evangelos Biskas V & Elysia Mc Mullen


Evangelos Biskas V

In our daily routine an unguided action can cause big confusion, while in a dream reality, the unpredictable is normal. These two realities seem to have different conventions. In Search of a Title does an attempt to redefine them.  


Evangelos Biskas V (1994, GR), Elysia McMullen (1991, IRL), Isaac Poels (1994, BEL) and Ruben den Brok (1992, NL) work with sound, motion and improvisational techniques inspired by the surrealists. They rely on their impulses and instincts to experience freedom in their performance. Within a fixed framework, each enactment is a new adventure, each giving space for humor, absurdity and originality.


Evangelos Biskas V is a performer and choreographer (FHK dance). For his graduation piece, Eternal Chillling, he won the Moving Forward Young Dance Makers Award 2016.In Search of a Title was made as the result of the Moving Forward Trajectory. He is currently one of the promising artists of PLAN - new makers - theater, dance and circus. 





Choreography, Creation and Performance Evangelos Biskas & Elysia McMullen

Co-creation and Performance Ruben Den Brok & Isaac Poels 

Dramaturgy Juriaan Achthoven 

Coaching Eddy Becquart 

Light Design Raoul Baeten 

Publicitit yRuth Verraes / Dansmakers Amsterdam support Lisa Reinheimer

Writing Support Charlot van der Meer & Vicky Itsiou

Producer Dansmakers Amsterdam 

Co-producer Dansgroep Amsterdam & DansBrabant via PLAN*

Moving Forward Coaching Suzy Blok, Heleen Volman & Kristin de Groot 

Supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Dansgroep Amsterdam & PLAN*

Made possible by United Cowboys, Moving Forward Partners, Young Artfund Amsterdam


*Thanks to PLAN for talent development Brabant the latest generation of theatre, dance and circusmakers in North Brabant get more chances. PLAN is a collaboration between producers, venues and festivals, it functions in the context of Talenthub Brabant and is co funded by the province of Noord-Brabant and the performing arts Fund.



Moving Forward Traject

In Search For a Title komt tot stand als onderdeel van het Moving Forward traject, een samenwerking van Dansmakers Amsterdam met DansBrabant, Dansateliers, Generale Oost en Random Collision, ondersteund door Dansgroep Amsterdam. De winnaar van de Moving Forward Young Dance makers Award wint een residentietraject en ontwikkelt een nieuwe voorstelling. Het eerste Moving Forward-traject werd gewonnen door Jija Sohn (SNDO-Ahk, 2015) met als slotstuk Geisha’s Miracle (★★★★☆ In 2016 won Evangelos Biskas V het Moving Forward Traject.




Agenda 2017

19.04 DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg  
23 - 25.06 Dansateliers, Rotterdam   
16.09 Prejavu, De Nwe Vorst, Tilburg  
23.09 United Cowboys, Eindhoven  
14.10 Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomes, Dansmakers Podium (Première) 20:30
15.10 Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomes, Dansmakers Podium 15:00
23.11 De Nwe Vorst, Tilburg  
8.02 Theater Kikker, Utrecht 20:30
18.03 Rotterdamse Schouwburg 20:30
23 & 24.03 Cement Festival, 's-Hertogenbosch 21:00
5.06 Fontys Dansacademie, Tilburg (*) 19:30
23.10 Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam 20:30


    (*) As part of final exams of Isaac Poels under the title: Under (de)construction


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