Have I Been Here Before - Marie Goeminne


Marie Goeminne

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One can express anything in dance, but there is still a challenge in a theme about ephemerality. While we are increasingly focused on life, nature maintains its eternal impulse of creation and destruction. In the performance Have I Been Here Before by Marie Goeminne, the night brings the day and exhaling comes after inhaling. Together with three dancers, Marie ventures a dance around the theme of death.


With a sculptural and minimalistic movement-idiom, the dancers Maaike van de Westeringh, Anne-May de Lijser and Zoé Leduc express that death is not about below ground; it is an equally intimate as a powerful story that should be told. Whereof one can not speak, is still getting a voice in this organic assembly of movement, projection (Eva Gjaltema) and sound (Alberto Novello). Just as fallible as infallible, the ephemeral in this performance is your companion.


The performance ends with a talk, led by Daphne Rieken. Talking Talks is a new form of aftertalk. A space for reflection where we take the time to perceive and exchanging experiences. It is not about striking descriptions or clear definitions, but about the collective investigation into possible meanings.



Concept, choreography Marie Goeminne i.s.m. de dansers // Performance Maaike van de Westeringh, Anne-May de Lijser & Zoé Leduc // Production Dansmakers Amsterdam & Artist Collective Kudde // Artistic advice Suzy Blok // Light images Eva Gjaltema // Sound design Alberto Novello // Photography Eva Gjaltema // Video Liza Koifman & Tomas Overtoom // Technique Raoul Baeten // Production Sanne Wichman / Dansmakers Amsterdam // Production assistance Marjo van de Weerd // Publicity Ruth Verraes / Dansmakers Amsterdam // Aftertalk Daphne Rieken // Supported by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSB, Gemeente Amsterdam, DansBrabant, SE.S.TA (Tsjechië) & Young Artfund Amsterdam.




PLAYLIST 2016 -2017

10.02 Moving Futures 2017, Arnhem 20:00 
17.03 Moving Futures 2017, Nijmegen 20:30
24.03 Festival Cement, ‘s Hertogenbosch 21:00
25.03 Festival Cement, ‘s Hertogenbosch 21:00
26.03 Festival Cement, ‘s Hertogenbosch 14:00 
20.04 Moving Futures 2017, Utrecht 20:00 
20.05 Moving Futures 2017, Zwolle 20:00 
2016   time
7.11 Ite Boerma Studio, Open Repetition 15:00
24.11 Dansmakers Podium, Private Try-Out 20:00
10.12 Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdamse Première | + Talking Talks 20:30
11.12 Dansmakers Podium | + Talking Talks 15:00 

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