Geisha's Miracle - Jija Sohn


Jija Sohn

In Geisha’s Miracle, three Asian dancers invite you for an equally absurd as rational game. Their world looks strange and exotic, but their attitude is that of habituation. They are already beyond the point of amazement, and thus a new universe opens up in this game. It is proposed as being shiny and blue, well-behaved and perverse. Behind the masks of these performers we find hidden jokes and flashing emotions. As if in a ritual, a serene transformation occurs in them. They are child, coach, dog and woman. Geisha's Miracle is a synthetic, physical experience. The visual and musical landscape invites you to immerse yourself in their absurd and detailed world.


With the use of dance and movement, Jija Sohn, born in Japan (1982-Kyoto) is looking for the common denominator between all ethnic-cultural differences of people. She is interested in the question of how cultural diversity can be transformed into a universal value. Form and emotion are purified till the public obtain a physical experience of the performance. Geisha's Miracle is a production of Dansmakers Amsterdam and was developed from Moving Forward Trajectory, with support from Dansgroep  Amsterdam and the Moving Futures partners.




Concept, choreography and performance Jija Sohn
Co-creation and performance Yurie Umamoto, Yui Nakagami
Producer Dansmakers Amsterdam
Co-producer Dansgroep Amsterdam
Dramaturgy Charlot van der Meer
Artistic advice Suzy Blok, Heleen Volman, Kristin de Groot
Light design Vinny Jones
Sound design Sne Martin Snider
Costums Rosemarie Allaert
Production Sanne Wichman
Publicitity Lisette Brouwer
Supported by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten
Partners ITs Festival DansBrabant, Dansateliers, Random Collision, Generale Oost
Special thanks to Katerina Bakatsaki 



Theaterkrant by Wendy Lubberding ****
"The miracle of this geisha is that she, in a spectacular way and in the end fully committed rocking and rapping, breaks out from her stylized and with tradition surrounded role, but despite all this keeps her dignity."




25.01 Moving Futures Tilburg 19:00
05.02 Moving Futures Amsterdam 20:30
11.02 Moving Futures Arnhem 20:00
23.02 Moving Futures Rotterdam 19:30
7.03 Artdanthé, France 19:30
20.04 Moving Futures Utrecht 20:00
15.05 Flora Theater Festival, Czech Republic  19:30
16.05 Flora Theater Festival, Czech Republic  15:00
19.05 Moving Futures Zwolle 20:00
27.05-29.05 Dansateliers, Rotterdam (studio presentatie)  
30.06 Dansmakers Podium, ITs Festival, Amsterdam (première) 17:00
01.07 Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam 20:30
05.08 Vondelpark Openluchttheater, Amsterdam 20:30

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