Emotional Porn: Exhibition of the Self (2018) - Keren Rosenberg & Tony Markus Sacharias

In the world we live in now, the use of image and social positioning is like never before. We are increasingly exposing ourselves and being exposed to the masses; producing never ending images about our lives, our experiences and our bodies. We become a brand, a product, a perfect display of identity. Showcasing our impeccable lives towards real and imagined audiences that shows no signs of vulnerabilities.

How much of what we share about ourselves is real?

Emotional Porn - Exhibition of the Self is a visual, sensorial and emotional journey which explores our social obsessionof self-exposure through the use of modern technology. Performer Keren Rosenberg, visual artist Tony Markus Sacharias and filmmaker Nicola Cavalazzi create an immersive physical and virtual interface between the human body, image and performance. Inviting audiences to reflect on their own perception of identity, as they touch realms of intimacy, social positioning, vulnerabilities, fear and confrontation.  


A boundless universe of dance and audiovisual art installation.



“I ask you a simple question. The answer you give is personal and connected to you.

In each answer I invite you to share a piece of yourself with me with yourself and with the space you are in.

I want you to be aware of the question, the answer and the

way you choose to respond”.






"In the process of our research, we were searching for ways to create an environment that is almost virtual – as if the human body is taken away from its real existential experience and placed almost inside a screen of a phone or a computer screen."


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Keren Rosenberg is an Amsterdam based performer | maker | movement researcher.

Through her works and artistic practice, she seeks to articulate a new physical and social political gaze over the body and the environment it functions in; She explores physicality that can liquify the boundaries between the body and the environment, between social skin and the primal body underneath. Questioning social political and queer contexts while creating multidisciplinary collaborations with artists from the fields of Photography, Film, Design, Sound and Theory. Keren is also a certified Gaga teacher. 

Her works were presented in Sadler’s Wells (UK), Dansstationen (SE), Dutch Chinese Festival (CN), Reykjavik Dance Festival (IS), Malmo Pride Festival (SE), Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Dansmakers, Dansataliers, Korzo Theater (NL), Machol Acher Festival (IL), Dublin Fringe festival (IE), Museum of Modern Art Dublin (IE), as well as in venues and theatres in Mexico, Israel, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Ethiopia and Australia. kerenrosenberg.com          

The work of Tony Markus Sacharias can be regarded as an observation of humans; their behavior, emotionality and physical form. Through his processes he explores medias such as drawings, collages, garments, sculptures, audio, video and movement. In 2010 his graduation collection from the fashion department at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, was selected for best graduates of The Netherlands. In 2010 Markus launched his womenswear label and presented his collections at Amsterdam Fashion weeks between 2010-2012. His garments were featured Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamcult magazines. Between 2012-2018 Markus worked as a woman’s-men’s wear designer at Calvin Klein Jeans. He currently launched his creative agency under the title ‘Studio 10.04’, where he re-connects to his interdisciplinary artistic dialogue and passions and between design, performance & visual Arts  and movement. studiotenofour.tumblr.com


Nicola Cavalazzi is a London based content producer and director of photography, found of Subframe Media. Growing up between Italy, USA and New Zealand he developed a natural curiosity towards places and people, which constantly drives him towards new adventures. He is constantly experimenting with digital technologies to capture powerful images and bring new stories to life. www.subframe.media





07th of September, 20:00, DansmakersPodium,  Amsterdam (Première) tickets

08th of September, 17:30, Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam tickets

14th of September, 17:30, Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam tickets

15th of September, 20:00, Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam tickets

05th of October, 19:15, De Harmonie, Leeuwarden gratis toegang

18thth of October, 20:30, CBK Amsterdam, Amsterdam tickets

19th of October, 20:30, CBK Amsterdam, Amsterdam tickets 

20th of October, 20:30, CBK Amsterdam, Amsterdam tickets




"Rosenberg is amazing to watch: as a man, as a woman and everything in the in between. " (Volkskrant magazine)


"Top 10 Fashion week 2012" (Dutch Vogue Magazine, Tony Markus)





Work by Keren Rosenberg, Tony Markus Sacharias & Nicola Cavalazzi Performer/Choreographer Keren Rosenberg Visual artist Tony Markus Sacharias Creative & technical collaborator Nicola Cavalazzi Coaching Suzy Blok Publicity Mitchell-lee van Rooij/Dansmakers Amsterdam Production Evelien van de Sanden/Dansmakers Amsterdam Technical support & advice Jason Malone/Beamlab Dramaturgy Jesús de Vega Producer The House of Victorious Humans Executive producer Dansmakers Amsterdam Co-producer Beamlab, Friese Dansdagen as a part of Culturele Hoofstad Europa 2018 Partners Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, CBK Amsterdam This project is supported by AFK (Amsterdam Fund fort he Arts)

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