Double Bill: Oona Doherty & Marie Goeminne

The program series Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomes draws the attention to new choreographic talent in the dance field and presents a Double Bill of Dance by Marie Goeminne & Oona Doherty (International Performance. Official Selection  Aerowaves Twenty17). Two female choreographers who, each in their own way, portray raw themes into a touching performance with long lasting impression. 



Have I Been Here Before - Marie Goeminne

While we are increasingly focused on life, nature maintains its eternal impulse of creation and destruction. In the performance Have I Been Here Before by Marie Goeminne, the night brings the day and exhaling comes after inhaling. Together with three dancers, Marie ventures a dance around the theme of death. In Maries organic assembly of movement, projection and sound, things we rather don't talk about, gets a silent voice. >>>


Marie Goeminne is a choreographer and performer and creates performances where dance relates to philosophy and Visual Arts. She studied at the European Dance Development Centre of ArtEZ and worked as a singer and performer. She developed a sculpturalmovement idiom. In her work, she likes to show those qualities of mankind who in today's society may be less visible, such as intimacy and vulnerability.


Concept, choreography: Marie Goeminne & the dancers, performance: Maaike van de Westeringh, Anne-May de Lijser & Zoé Leduc, production: Dansmakers Amsterdam & Artist Collective Kudde, photograpy & projection: Eva Gjaltema, sound design: Alberto Novello, technique: Raoul Baeten 




Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus - Oona Doherty (IR)

International Performance. Official Selection  Aerowaves Twenty17

Oona Doherty performs a distillation of the Male and thumping sweaty theatre. Go on a journey through a dirty Europe between violence and sublime. Hope Hunt attempts to deconstruct the stereotype of the deprived male, and raise it up into a Caravaggio bright white limbo. It is a hunt for hope. Hope Hunt is selected for the international Aerowaves Twenty17 from European Dance Network.


Oona Doherty (IR) is based in Belfast and studied Contemporary Dance in London. She is a choreographer, performer and teacher. Work of her was performed at festivals around Europe and she received several nominations and prices for her work. She attempts to play with the barrier between the audience and the stage and wants to bring the sex, the punk & the romance back into the body and on stage.


Concept, Choreography & PerformanceOona Doherty Sound Oona Doherty, Chris McCorry & Strength NIA Light & technical  Director Sarah Gordon Hunter in the Car Rory Moore Co-production Arts Council of Northern Ireland, British Council 2015–2016 Pictures Simon Graham

Winner of the 2016 Dublin Tigre Fringe Award : Best Performance. Nominated for Best Production Winner of the Total Theatre Award for Dance at Edinburgh Festival 2017


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 "Almost nothing is happening, yet you can't stop watching. It is typical for the movement idiom by choreographer Marie Goeminne, a mixture of dance and Visual Arts, in which the body is as a sculpture or painting, but one that breathes, and moves. " Bregtje Schudel for Dansmagazine.

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HOPE HUNT - Oona Doherty

"There isn’t a wasted moment in Doherty’s 40-minute potent, impressionistic dance-theatre treatment of what she refers to as “the male disadvantaged stereotype”. It’s riveting and moving, and she’s a simply phenomenal performer. "

 (★★★★★Donald Hutera, The Times Newspaper).

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Za 25.11, 20:30 

TICKET Online: € 13,-  / € 10,50 (Discount - CJP/student/stadspas/huisvuilpas)

At the Door € 2,- supplement

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About Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomes

With the new program series Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomes we draw attention to new choreographic talent. During a full length evening program one or more choreographers present their work which can be read as urgent, open and that must be seen. Dansmakers Amsterdam supports their development and provides them a stage.




Hope Hunt: Official selection Aerowaves Twenty17

Each year Aerowaves makes a selection of work by 20 promising makers from 33 countries from all over Europe. Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe. They identify the most promising new work by emerging dance artists and then promote it through cross-border performances. Aerowaves' network of partners in 33 countries enables these younger choreographers to bring brand new dance to brand new audiences. In 2016, Dance maker Fernando Belfiore (Dansmakers Amsterdam), was winner the Aerowaves Twenty16 selection. The performance Hope Hunt is an Irish production by Oona Doherty and was previously seen on Spring Forward festival 2017. More about Aerowaves >>>


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