Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomes Evangelos Biskas & Moreno Perna


Moreno Perna
Evangelos Biskas V


Dansmakers Amsterdam welcomes: A Double Bill of Dance

The program series Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomes draws the attention to new choreographic talent in the dance field and presents a Double Bill of Dance by Evangelos Biskas V & Moreno Perna. Two Dutch premieres of two very different makers, very new in the professional Dance field.


IN SEARCH OF A TITLE - Evangelos Biskas V & Elysia MCMullen

In our daily routine an unguided action can cause big confusion, while in a dream reality, the unpredictable is normal. These two realities seem to have different conventions, can we get rid of them? In Search of a Title does an attempt and uses sound, motion and improvisational techniques inspired by the surrealists. A performance full of humor, absurdity and originality.

Evangelos Biskas V is a performer and choreographer and winner of the Moving Forward Young Dance Makers Award 2016 and is currently one of the promising artists of PLAN. www.plan-brabant.nl. Read more >>>

XYX - Moreno Perna 
Where XX and XY, the two sex chromosomes which distinguish a man from a woman, become fluid, is where Moreno Perna’s show XYXcomes into being. His one-man play leads us from the clichéd image of a woman as a sensual body to an androgynous creature. Moreno believes that ‘gender’ cannot be deconstructed, only transcended, and in that zone a fluid sensation is created that goes beyond the division between what is male and what is female in our culture. Rather than a message to the spectator, it is a gentle appeal to everything that is both male and female in the spectator. More >>>

By and with Moreno Perna | production LAFS Festival, Dansmaker Amsterdam | coproduction Troubleyn/Jan Fabre 



PErformance Dates & Tickets

Sa 14.10, 20:30 (tickets >>>)

Su 15.10, 15:00 (tickets >>>)


Online: € 13,-  / € 10,50 (Discount - CJP/student/stadspas/huisvuilpas)

At the Door € 2,- supplement

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About Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomes

With the new program series Dansmakers Amsterdam Welcomeswe draw attention to new choreographic talent. During a full length evening program one or more choreographers present their work which can be read as urgent, open and that must be seen. Dansmakers Amsterdam supports their development and provides them a stage.

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