Choreopop - Jesús de Vega & Chai Blaq


Jesús de Vega

Choreopop is a choreographed music album, a hybrid between a dance performance, a pop music concert and live video-clips. Where body and voice become inseparable. Musician Chai Blaq and choreographer Jesús de Vega collaborate in this multidisciplinary project with the aim of merging two disciplines and their creative processes. They both find inspiration in things that seem broken: society, relationships, climate, bodies etc.

Choreopop is a celebration of the healing power of unity as a way to repair social or emotional fractures.


Chai Blaq is a musician with a profound love for Asian aesthetics, mysterious folklore and pop-culture, she is searching for a place to root her arts, through fluidly shifting between drumming, singing, producing and escaping contemporary impressionism of her own emotions.


Jesús de Vega’s work is inspired by socio-political issues which he dissects and blends with his artistic sensitivity, a touch of entertainment value and pop culture references. The resulting cocktail is cathartic, mysterious and poetic, presenting an emotional landscape of the times we live in. (Interview Hanzemag >>>)


´Choreography and musiccomposition are written and merged together. There is a pronounced balance between both players.´ Theaterkrant >>>


Creation: Jesús De Vega & Chai Blaq Performers: Jesús de Vega & Lou Lou Elisabetti (2019) Production: Jesús de Vega in collaboration with ICK & Dansmakers Amsterdam Supported by the Amsterdam fund for the Arts

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