Against the Wall - Paula Chaves


Paula Chaves

Two guerrilla girls invite us to slip from the horizontal to the vertical plane, bringing us closer to the interface of the wall. They take us to an underground world where the secret relationship between art, propaganda and neoliberalism in the West is revealed. 


A live playground is created through the hidden histories of the Cold War (1948-1991), an ideological battle between the Communist Soviet Union and the Capitalist West where art was used as propaganda. The performance transports us to the establishment of “The Congress for Cultural Freedom”, an anti-communist advocacy group that sponsored the avant-garde movement of Abstract Expressionism, The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMa) and many influential artists at the time. 


Suturing the past to the present, “Against the Wall” is an embodied art manifesto that juxtaposes journalism, dance and civil participation strategies.



Paula Chaves

Paula Chaves is a Colombian choreographer, performer, circassian and activist based in Amsterdam. After studying dance and circus in Bogota, New York and Berlin, she obtained her degree in choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in 2015. Her artistic research is situated at the intersection of politics, “cheap art” aesthetics, and queer Latina diasporic narratives.


Her last two pieces: ‘Paraart’ and ‘Against the Wall’ are part of a long-term research on the relationship between art, propaganda and neoliberalism in the West. This last production premiered with the support of Dansmakers during the Moving Futures Festival in 2018 and was presented at CALA Festival in Cori, Italy and at Bellevue Theatre in Amsterdam.

Her texts have been published in “El CuerpoSpin: the magazine of dance and performance art in Colombia” and "Endangered Human Movements Vol. 3 - The school of the jaguar”. 


As a performer she has collaborated with Benoît Lachambre, Amanda Piña / Nadaproductions, Thais di Marco, Nadia Bekkers, Nina Boas, Oneka von Schrader, Ko Morobushi en Diana Casas / Aerodanza.



Concept: Paula Chaves Music composition: Nadia Bekkers Visuals: tbc Made possible by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Cultuur Ondernemen, Dansmakers Amsterdam & Ateneu Popular 9 Barris - Barcelona




Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam




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