young makers with guts don't eschew the experiment at Moving Futures Nijmegen

From 15 to 17 March the contemporary dance festival Moving Futures travels to Nijmegen with challenging performances around relationships, identity, gender and (self-) Reflection. The festival shows upcoming choreography talent: young makers with guts, that do not eschew the experiment. 





All shows at a glance:


Wednesday 15/3

In Die Verwandlung, the metamorphosis, Sophie Mayeux examines the tumult and the turmoil of a body in transformation. This poetic and timeless performance shows us the transformation of an abstract entity into a character with many faces. Die Verwandlung is performed by Simon Caillaud and Sophie Mayeux.
In O O O O O O O by choreographer Giulio D’Anna eight young performers from different European countries share their most intimate moments with the audience. Inspired by ‘the museum of broken relationship’ they tell us personal stories about broken intimacy and damaged relationships. O O O O O O O is a post-modern musical that leaves the spectator with winged feet and a head full of thoughts.


Thursday 16/3

Macho Macho is a visually appealing duet between two young men trying to represent male beauty. They try to look good, be sexy and stay strong, but the physical competition arises and it bring them closer to each other and to their emotions. The machos welcome you to their arena where they fight stereotypes about, with and for men. Macho Macho was awarded by an expert jury with the Dioraphte ‘Best or Amsterdam Fringe 2016’ Award.


Two age-old representations of femininity, Hestia and Sheela na gig, formed the first inspiration for ZOOM, a performance by dancer/choreographer Lana Čoporda in close collaboration with video artist Fanny Hagmeier. Balancing between acceptance and resistance the two women on stage research the gap between the world of advertisement and video-clips and their own, more intimate experience of sensuality and sexuality. How to embody the many bodies offered to a women and how to deal with this limited range they offer?


Friday 17/3

Choreographer and performer Cecilia Moisio and singer Ineke Vandoorn are literally trapped in a large circular room. The space provides a safe place to play, innocence and research, but also leads to vulnerabilities because of its limitations. How do we deal with criticism? Are we autonomous individuals or merely a reflection of the opinions created by others? In Circles the audience is placed in short distance of the performers. They are included in the performers quest to see and be seen. Circles combines dance, song and text into an expression of artistry in current times.


SHIFT is an audio-visual installation about a possible lightness of being. It is a meditation and a guided tour attempting to clear the mind from the overload of imagery. It is a moment that allows us to escape everything; responsibility, meaning, roles and form. A story that adds, subtracts and mixes all that there is or could be. It is about the awareness that all meaning is equally important, impermanent and individual. It happens in the gap between the world and our ideas of it, in the gap between thought and experience, between words and actions. (SHIFT) is a collaboration between choreographer/performer Inari Salmivaara, photographer Maxime Bersweiler and composer Viljam Nybacka.


One can express anything in dance, but there is still a challenge in a theme about ephemerality. While we are increasingly focused on life, nature maintains its eternal impulse of creation and destruction. In the performance Have I Been Here Before by Marie Goeminne, the night brings the day and exhaling comes after inhaling. Together with three dancers, Marie ventures a dance around the theme of death. With a sculptural and minimalistic movement-idiom, the dancers Maaike van de Westeringh, Anne-May de Lijser and Zoé Leduc express that death is not about below ground; it is an equally intimate as a powerful story that should be told. Whereof one can not speak, is still getting a voice in this organic assembly of movement, projection (Eva Gjaltema) and sound (Alberto Novello). Just as fallible as infallible, the ephemeral in this performance is your companion.


Context programming

Each day: 17:15 tot 18:15 Cinedans:L As partner of Moving Futures, again Cinedans put together a special dance filmprogram. The program is based on the different themes and subjects of the performances in the festival. Shorter and longer films from different choreographers and directors are screened.

Wednesday and Thursday: Aftertalks with scientist liedeke Plate (Genderstudies Radboud Universiteit), love expert Johan Karremans (Radboud Universiteit) and the choreographers. + action Dance by the Arnhemse Meisjes.

Friday: interactive introduction by Sanne Wichmann

Edit this Post: interactive, virtual talk, initiatied by Domein voor Kunstkritiek and led by critic Manus Groenen. The audience discusses and describes the experience of and reflection on a festival evening.  At the end the result of the joint work will unroll straight from the printer and can be read online. With this handy tool thoughts, associations, feelings and ideas of spectators from the various cities become visible at once.




For more information about programming and performances go to

Moving Futures Nijmegen, from Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 March in theater LUX Nijmegen,



The festival shows upcoming choreography talent from the five Dutch dance houses: Dansmakers Amsterdam, Random Collision, Dansateliers, DansBrabant and Generale Oost.

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