Why Present Talent NOW

Six partners in talent development come forward for You Better Move #9, and present new makers you may not know, but who are worth seeing. We asked our partners: Why present talent NOW?

"Young makers need a stage! Corona puts us at a distance. Sharing this new work with the audience now, live and tangible, is perhaps even more pressing than ever. Corona has shut down part of the work, but no maker has stood still. Facilitating exchange and making connections with other disciplines now gives new energy for the future, and that is very much needed. By connecting with this programme from the perspective of diversity, we contribute to the wellbeing and development of not only the artist, but all of us. We, the spectators, get new perspectives, we become involved and inspired."

Dansmakers Amsterdam
Suzy Blok  



"ICK works with experienced artists and young talent. Curiosity about each other is a prerequisite. The wild freshness and drive of the open mind is confronting. This results in a fruitful dialogue that leads to new possibilities. And that is precisely what we need in this day and age."

ICK Amsterdam
Pieter C. Scholten



“We believe in amazement and research as a starting point with the result: contemporary circus that stands like a house. That is why TENT likes to present new talent. And precisely at this time, it is important to continue to amaze and give room to talent development.”

Rosa Boon
TENT Circustheater Producties



"Because the world doesn't stand still, new talent can't be stopped with sandbags, new talent is really too beautiful to be true and real new talent doesn't let itself be silently caged up to do nothing but be beautiful".

Luc Delau
Summer Dance Forever



"It is precisely now that we want to present young talent, because there is a future, because they are the future, because they are shaping the future, because they must have a future."

Liet Lenshoek



"In these confusing and difficult times, with so many threats and limitations, it is very important to continue to support talented makers. Their creativity and innovative resilience are commendable and deserve to be seen!"

Martine Dekker



WHEN: 2 - 4 Dec, 20:00

WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam

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