Teiro - Lara Drozdek/Solid Ground Movement

Physical and cinematic Urban dance theater in which the impact of trauma is highlighted. In this piece, new maker Lara Drožđek, who is both a dancer and a psychologist, works together with two other Urban dancers and their trauma. 

WHEN:1 May, 20:00
WHERE:Dansmakers Amsterdam



In the process, they work through the traumas and illustrate this with dance. Not only the pain, but the often underexposed resilience and personal growth as a result of trauma will be shown. This performance was created with the Urban Arts Talent Fund (FCP) and Solid Ground Movement, with coaching by Alida Dors (BackBone) and Drosha Grekhov.


What is Teiro? The word "trauma" originally comes from the Greek word "teiro", which means both rubbing in and out. It illustrates how a trauma can, on the one hand, cause pain and scars (rubbing in), but on the other hand, can provide new perspectives, wisdom and resilience (rubbing out).

In Teiro, the public will be shown various processes after a trauma, such as the avoidance phase, survival mode, trigger responses and resilience growth. Where one dancer goes through several processes, the other may "hook" into a certain process.

In addition to some Urban styles (including krump, hip hop, house), Latin influences will also be found. Lara will play with these styles and movements will be pulled out of context and given new meanings.


As a dancer, choreographer Lara Drožđek has toured with Solid Urban Movement with various Urban dance theater performances. In addition to hip hop, she also developed within the (afro) Latin styles. Last year she researched the themes strength and vulnerability through an Artist in residency, from which two duets emerged. Teiro will be her choreography debut. Her inspiration for this piece was, among other things, stimulated by the resilience she has observed in many traumatized patients.  


Maker: Lara Drožđek / Dancers: Waikuma Pentury, Wendy de Vries, Lara Drožđek / Artistic coaching: André ‘Drosha’ Grekhov, Alida Dors / Music: DJ Lovesupreme / Lighting Plan: Ingeborg Slaats / Publicity: Yoram Otten / Business Management: Ger Jager / Production: Nadin Topal, Marieke van Dis / Photography Dampaign image: Ivo van der Bent / Design Campaign image: Emma Verhoeven / With a special thanks to Bryan Druiventak and Solid Ground Movement



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