Stina Fors receives Moving Forward Trajectory 2019/20

Stina Fors, who graduated in 2019 from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, will receive the Moving Forward trajectory 2019/20. For one season she can count on the support of a coalition of partner dance production houses of the Moving Futures network.


With her graduation performance, Stina Fors received a nomination for the Moving Forward programme. After an intensive residency at Dansmakers Amsterdam, she resumed her graduation work and presented it to the jury and audience during the Moving Forward Performance Night on 28 October at Dansmakers Amsterdam.



The moment she appears on stage, Stina Fors draws the attention. The moment she actually starts embodying sound, she becomes something else, a force of nature, an embodied human soundscape. Exactly in the research how to physically explore her proposal is where the jury thinks there is a world to discover. 


The jury consisted of Suzy Blok (general director Dansmakers Amsterdam), Frank Noorland (programmer Theater Bellevue), Heleen Volman (artistic director DansBrabant) and Kristin de Groot (artistic director Dansateliers) and Aukje Verhoog (artistic director Amsterdams Fringe Festival).


Next season, Stina Fors will be developing a new performance under professional guidance (premiere 25 September at Dansmakers Amsterdam). Moving Forward is a residency project initiated and organized by Dansmakers Amsterdam, supported by Dansgroep Amsterdam and in collaboration with the Moving Futures partners Dansateliers, DansBrabant, Generale Oost, Random Collision and Dansmakers Amsterdam. The project bridges the gap between education and the professional field, where the creator has direct access to an existing network.


Stina Fors (1989, SE - SNDO 2019) has found her love for the voice, the sonic and the loud. Her musical efforts are focused on the absolute unity of music, poetry and transvestism. She wonders what a 'sounding body' could be. A machine; a performative concert with a drum kit, and other collaborations such as the bands SEKT, Hämndkropp and Minnie Ryder & Johnny Horn.

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