Spacewalk, Michele Rizzo in premiere during Something Raw

This week, the theatre at Dansmakers Amsterdam is filled with abstract forms. I am not allowed to take photographs. The imagination must do its job. We are one week ahead of the premiere of Michele Rizzo his new show which will be performed on Thursday 8 March during the Something Raw Festival at de Brakke Grond. With 3D animations, the PR text of the festival and photography we form us an idea of the performance.
We have learned to escape from reality, but also to strengthen them. The development of technology and the evolution of our imagination has put the material world to the test. This has led to new ideas and images of infinity. Until recently our notion of infinity was more or less this: the universe as a mirror that is still sliding back. But our imagination about Infinity may prove to radically change now the technology is changing so fast. And with the expansion of our imagination, our notion of space differs. This is used as a recipient of our own views, presentations and images. With virtual reality, the virtual space is almost tangible. How real is that space yet? Perhaps the question is what our perception of reality, a question whicht might be more compelling than ever.
These technologies are increasingly blurring the boundaries between the material and virtual world – making previously unthinkable things to become increasingly possible. What does this mean for our imagination? Rizzo uses dance to try find an answer to that question, by translating the consequences into dance.

Spacewalk, Michele Rizzo, Premiere Thursday 8 of March, 19:00, during Something Raw festival Location de Brakke Grond

Spacewalk is a coproduction of FRASCATI Producties, ICK and Dansmakers Amsterdam

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