Solo by Fernando Belfiore is experiencing a Canadian Premiere

Open your xin ("heart-mind”), and take leave of your expectations is what they write at the Montreal Arts Interculturel. It is an announcement of the solo by Fernando Belfiore, which is having a première this week in Canada.

Since its inception, now nearly 17 years ago, the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) has become an important centre for culturally diverse artistic expression in Montreal. It is presenting works by artists of diverse cultural backgrounds. They write with a lot of passion about the work of Ferbnando, how it is a is a spine-tingling, genre-bending journey to the underground of modern technology, culture and religion:

'Using light, voice, movement, ritual, and a smattering of mutable props, Belfiore uncovers a frenzied world, changing, unstable, and incandescent. A work of tenderness and verve, AL13FB<3 tugs at the alchemical heartstrings of the western tradition, making room for forgotten, waylaid, and yet-to-be born visions of renewal.'

With an announcement like this, we expect a full house in Canada.


14 & 15 April, 20:00
Montreal, Arts Interculturel

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