Save Space for Dance

The building in North, where Dansmakers AmsterdamISH - Dance CollectiveCinedans and the DAT!school are setteled, is likely to be lost for dance and culture.

"Dansmakers is the House where you really want to stay. Where you want to see these dance talents grow'' 
The building in Noord that hosts Dansmakers Amsterdam, ISH, Cinedans en de DAT! De Amsterdamse Dans en Theaterschool might lose its function as cultural and dance space. Cc Netwerk voor Salto felt involved and made an item about this problem, which has been broadcast on Salto and AT5. Hereby we make a cry for everyone to raise their voice. The item has been shared a lot on FB with the hashtag #SAFESPACEFORDANCE. You can see the item below.
We will publish the interviews with the involved makers like Jesús de Vega, Keren Rosenberg and Moreno Perna and artistic directors from AYA, Martine Dekkers from Cinedans and Myrna Versteeg from the DATschool. Suzy Blok, general director at Dansmakers Amsterdam calls out to anyone who knows something, a possible solution, to show themselves.

Jesús de Vega


Keren Rosenberg


Suzy Blok


Myrna Versteeg


Moreno Perna


Martine Dekkers


Manuel Segond von Bachet

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